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Study Spaces in the Law Library

Libraries are great quiet spaces to get work done, and the Charles B. Sears Law Library is no exception. Per library policy, all cell phone and mobile device activity must be silent throughout the Law Library (texting is fine, but, please, no conversations in study spaces!), and we have many dedicated spots for quiet study. With WiFi throughout the libraries, coffee shops nearby for caffeine infusions, and the added convenience of print research materials at your fingertips, the law library is a space designed with you in mind.

Quite a bit of our study space is "first come, first served." As a public law library, we have pro se patrons, private practice attorneys, members of the general public, and students from all of the University availing themselves of our space and services.

However, there are many spaces throughout the law library reserved for law students. These spaces require a valid UB Card. The information attached to a law student's UB ID allows access to these spaces, either through a swipe card access point or through the Circulation Desk reservation systems.

*Patrons are reminded to never leave personal items unattended. Unfortunately, theft happens, and the library is not responsible for the loss of items. Please don't let your stuff become someone else's!*

Spaces reserved for law student use only are indicated * below.

Floor-by-floor breakdown

2nd Floor (map)

The Reading Room

The reading room, located at the west end of the library, opposite the main entrance, is group study space. There are outlets at each table, and WiFi is available throughout the space (Log-in is required for wireless access).

Law Students Only
  • Conference Rooms
    Note: law students may only reserve conference rooms for group work, and need at least two Law students with UB IDs to reserve a room.

3rd Floor (map)

The third floor of the library, accessible via the center staircase, elevator, and the rear staircase, has public study space available. There are tables near the center staircase and desks at the end of the stacks.

Law Students Only
  • There are study carrels available for law students. Study carrels are checked out at the Circulation Desk on the second floor, using a valid UB Card.

4th, 5th and 6th Floors - maps: 4th, 5th, 6th

Floors 4-6 are accessible via the southwest corner staircase and the northwest corner elevator. There are desks at the end of the stacks in the fourth, fifth, and sixth floor, available for public use.

For Law students only
  • Study carrels are available for law students on the 4th floor. Study carrels are checked out at the Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor, using a valid UB Card.

  • Conference rooms are located on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors, for law student use (UB Card required to reserve.)

7th Floor (map)

Law Student Reading Room

In addition to journals and law reviews, the 7th floor is an exclusive silent study space for law students only, accessible only by swipe card. If you are not a law student, and need access to the 7th floor materials, please come to the reference or circulation desks, located at the 2nd floor entrance.

  • *Law students are reminded to secure their swipe card and other possessions while in the library. Please do not prop the doors open or allow others to use your swipe card to gain access to the seventh floor.*