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Computers, Scanners and Printing in the Law Library

The University at Buffalo, the University at Buffalo School of Law, and the University Libraries provide computing resources to assist law students, faculty, and staff.

Computer and Printing Locations in the Law Library

Technology For Whom Computer Locations Printer Locations Printing Method
Print Allocation (Purse)       Law Mobility Print annual allocation
UB Print Anywhere (WEPA) semester allocation
Law School Workstations Law Students (JD & LLM) 2nd Floor
5th Floor
7th Floor
UB Print Anywhere (WEPA) Kiosks UB Print Anywhere (WEPA): Information, guides, setup and account login
Research Workstations (Internet & UB Databases only; no Microsoft Office) Everyone including Visitors 2nd Floor
3rd Floor
UB Print Anywhere (WEPA) Kiosks No Printing for Visitors;UB Print Anywhere (WEPA) for UB folks: Information, guides, setup and account login
University Workstations (PC Stations) UB Students 3rd Floor UB Print Anywhere (WEPA) Kiosks UB Print Anywhere (WEPA): Information, guides, setup and account login
UB Print Anywhere (WEPA) UB Students Your personal device UB Print Anywhere (WEPA) Kiosks UB Print Anywhere (WEPA): Information, guides, setup and account login
Law Mobility Print Law Students (JD & LLM) Your personal laptop 2nd Floor
5th Floor
Law Mobility Print: Information, guides, setup and account login
Lexis Printers Law Students (JD & LLM) All of the above computer locations 5th Floor
7th Floor
Printing provided by Lexis on dedicated printers.
  • Materials posted on Web Courses (Lexis) cannot be printed on Lexis printers.
  • Free printing from Westlaw is no longer available.


Scanning service for Law students and Law faculty is available on 2nd floor. The scanning service allows scanned documents to be sent to email, saved to usb or scanned by smart devices and can be saved in a variety of file formats. Additionally, there is a scanner available on the 5th floor as part of the Law printer on that floor. This scanner has a document feeder, though it only scans to email as PDF.

Law Workstations (Law Students Only)

Law students are recommended to use Law workstations as they provide the most functionality with regards to productivity and printing and also have permissions in place so that only Law students have access to them. The Law workstations are on:

  • 2nd floor:
    • Law workstations
      • 8 computers (surrounding central stairs)
      • 1 express – 15 minute time limit (left of stairs)
      • 1 handicap accessible station left of stairs
  • 5th floor:
    • Law workstations
      • 5 computers in Room 543B and 543C
  • 7th floor:
    • Law School workstations
      • 4 computers (along the west wall)
      • 2 southeast corner of reading room

Personal Laptops and Other Devices

For research and word processing, students are also able to use personal laptops. To connect to the Internet, use one of the following options:

  • Instructions for Connecting
  • Secure Wi-Fi Connections
  • OpenPort Connections

    Laptop users in the Law Library may connect to the Internet using OpenPort connects located on the 3rd floor in the laptop carrels and at desks along the north wall (elevator side). An ethernet card is necessary to use the OpenPort connects.

Computer Software and Protecting Your Computer

  • Download Software
    Download Microsoft Office, Symantec EndPoint antivirus and more for your personal computer at no charge.
  • My Virtual Computing Lab
    Run popular software (such as MATLAB, SPSS and Mathematica) from your personal or UB-owned device, on or off campus.
  • Computing Sites Software
    Visit one of our computing sites to use a great selection of programs.
  • Purchasing
    Buy software for a personally owned computer