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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Services Overview

Classrooms Services

The Law School offers a range of services for the classroom that includes projection equipment for computer based instruction, video playback, audio playback and other services. The Koren Center also provides classroom recording services for classrooms on a case by case basis.

Video Production and Photographic Editing Services

The Koren AV center is equipped with the capabilities for producing digital photography and digital video recordings. Arrangements to use this specialized service and equipment should be made with the AV Librarian or Instructional Support Technician.

Off Campus Equipment Loans

Koren AV Center equipment that is usually circulated off campus includes: camcorders with tri-pods, audio recorders, and portable projectors. Other types of equipment may be circulated at the discretion of the AV Librarian.

Presentation Consultations

The Koren Center staff are more than happy to meet with faculty and students who may be planning a single presentation or a series of presentations that employ some use of instructional technology. In addition, the Koren Center offers faculty and students digital editing services and assistance for those planning to use video or audio for classroom or special event purposes.

Sound Editing and Enhancement

Analog and Digital Sound Editing and Enhancement

The Koren AV Center will edit and enhance sound recordings upon request. Please allow one week for projects to be completed. Contact the AV Librarian or the Instructional Support Technician to make arrangements.

Audio Dubbing

The Koren AV Center provides a service for dubbing audiotapes. However, the Koren Center will not duplicate any copyrighted program, unless the copyright holder provides the Koren AV Center with written permission. For more information concerning this service, please contact the AV Librarian or Instructional Support Technician.

Special Events

The Koren Center provides recording and presentation services to members of the Law School Community who sponsor special events or programs.