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Film & Video Producers

The following links are suggestions for faculty to investigate for possible film and video producers materials that they will be able to use in their lectures.

  • American Social History Project

    Produces a wide range of accessible and innovative materials that convey a rich sense of the historical process while encouraging critical thinking and analysis. Focusing on "ordinary" Americans - working men and women whose actions and beliefs shaped the nation's development

  • Blackside, Inc.

    Develops and produces films, books, and educational materials that address America's most critical issues -- leadership, the nature of democracy, freedom of expression, and the mechanisms of social change

  • Documentary Educational Resources

    They have a reputation of exceptional ethnographic and documentary films and have over 375 titles in the collection

  • Florentine Films

    Founded in 1976 by Ken Burns, Roger Sherman, Buddy Squires, and Larry Hott, these filmmakers have made some of the most watched documentaries on PBS, and have produced for the networks and cable.

  • Hott Productions, Inc.

    Produces films in the areas of Environmental History, Nursing & Health, The American Scene, and Art

  • Media Education Foundation

    They are a nonprofit educational organization devoted to media research and production of resources to aid educators and others in fostering analytical media literacy. They believe that a media literate citizenry is essential to a vibrant democracy in a diverse and complex society