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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Computer Disks and CD-ROMs

The Koren AV Center houses 3.5" floppy disks and CD-ROM titles. Floppy Disks and CD-ROM titles are kept behind the Koren AV Service Desk. Both floppy disks and CD-ROM titles are organized by call number and then by title for the items not having a call number. Titles can be found by searching the UB Online Catalog. If you need any assistance finding a title please ask at the Koren AV Center's Service Desk.


White House Conference on Aging - 1995

Contains the background papers, pre-conference recommendations, speeches, pressreleases and the Final Report of the White House Conference on Aging held May 2-5, 1995. Koren AV Center.


American Law Reports, Federal

Reprint of significant federal cases and essays that analyze and summarize their legal issues. 1969- CD-ROM Network

American Law Reports, 3rd, 4th and 5th Series

Reprint of significant state cases and essays that analyze and summarize their legal issues. 1965- CD-ROM Network


Appropriations, Budget Estimates, Etc.
Koren AV Center

Budget of the United States Government

Contains the Budget, Historical Tables, Analytical Perspectives, Appendixes and the Economic Report of the President. FY 1996- Koren AV Center

Delaware Law of Corporations and Business Organizations

Koren AV Center

Harmonized Tariff Schedules of the United States (with Supplement)

Contains the tariff schedules of the United States which are annotated for statistical reporting purposes. Published pursuant to Section 1207 of the "Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988". 9th edition, 1997- Koren AV Center

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management issues this cd-rom which contains: "Federal Wage System Job Grading Standards", "General Schedule Classification Standards", "General Schedule Qualification Standards", the Digest of Significant Classification Decisions and Opinions and Title 5 of the United States Code. Koren AV Center

Survey of Current Business
Contains articles on regional, national and international economic programs of interest to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Also contains survey articles from 1987-1994. v. 75, 1995- Koren AV Center

USA Trade

Koren AV Center


Canadian Abridgement: Canadian Case Digests
Contains summaries or digests of issues decided in published cases in Canadian courts since the early 19th Century. Koren AV Center

Canadian Encyclopedic Digest
245 subject titles provide a statement of Canadian common, federal and provincial law as it applies in Ontario and the western provinces. Koren AV Center

Canadian Statute Citations
Provides a listing of federal, provincial, territorial, international and foreign statutes which have been considered by Canadian courts and administrative tribunals. 1867- . Update quarterly Koren AV Center


Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice
Koren AV Center

Consumer Class Actions

Koren AV Center

Repossessions and Foreclosures

Koren AV Center


Koren AV Center


Crime and Punishment: The Multimedia Simulation of Criminal Sentencing
Koren AV Center

Crime in the United States
Contains statistical and narrative data on criminal activity in the United States. Issued by the U.S. Dept. of Justice. 1995- Koren AV Center

NCJRS: Abstracts Database

Koren AV Center

Riots and Rebellions: Civil Rights, Police Reform, and the Rodney King Beating
An electronic coursebook developed by Robert Garcia. Includes the Webster Commission Report (1992); the Christopher Commission Report (1991); the Gangs Report (1992) and the Kolts Report (1992). Includes video clips. 1997 [Note: Access is limited to University at Buffalo School of Law Students and faculty] Koren AV Center

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

Koren AV Center


ATSDR'S Toxicological Profiles on CD-ROM
Produced by the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, this product contains toxicological profiles which detail the health effects of significant exposure to hazardous substances found at most facilities listed on CERCLA's National Priority List. Koren AV Center

Climate Change Presentation Kit

Koren AV Center

Envirocrimes: Clear and Present Hazards

Koren AV Center

Environmental Impact Assessment: Resource Guide and Interactive Case Study
Koren AV Center

EPA Solid Waste Publications

Koren AV Center

Contains a variety of EPA documents of general interest. Koren AV Center

Exposure Factors Handbook
Koren AV Center

Information Sources for Innovative Remediation and Site Characterization Technologies
Koren AV Center

Library of Environmental Images

Koren AV Center

National Emission Trends Viewer
Issued by the U.S. EPA, this cd-rom provides access to point source emission data for the following compounds; CO, NOx, PM-10, SO2 and VOC at the national, state and county level. Data can be displayed using 2 or 4 digit SIC codes and for specific years. Data covers 1985-1995. Sept. 1996- Koren AV Center

Site Characterization Library

Koren AV Center

Superfund Public Information System (SPIS)

Issued by the Office of Emergency and Remedial Response of the U.S. EnvironmentalProtection Agency. Contains a history of Superfund and provides access to "RODS" or Records of Decisions which provide a site history and characteristics, scope and role of response action and remedy. 3rd quarter, 1997- Koren AV Center

Toxic Release Inventory (TRI)
Numerical data related to the release of toxic substances into the environment; also includes chemical fact sheets. Koren AV Center

WaveSaver, Water Management System

Using video and sound, this cd-rom provides a way to manage and improve the efficiency of water resources. Issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Koren AV Center


European Union Law Library
Koren AV Center


Clarence Thomas Hearings
Includes the full transcript of the hearings, plus full-text coverage of television news stories, regional newspaper articles and international wire service reports. Summer/Fall 1991 Koren AV Center

Congressional Information Service Masterfile I

Index to Congressional hearings (published and unpublished), reports, documents, and legislative histories. 1789-1969 Reference

Congressional Information Service Masterfile II
Index to Congressional hearings, reports, documents, and legislative histories. 1970- (Note: Also available via UB Online Resources Page) Koren AV Center

Journal of the United States House of Representatives
102nd Congress, 1st Session, 1991- Koren AV center


Ethics CD-ROM
A collection of Federal executive branch ethics laws, executive orders, regulations, advisory opinions and program administration aids. Koren AV Center

Federal Acquisition Regulation System

Contains various documents relating to federal government procurement. Koren AV Center


Health Care Law
(Bender Authority Series) Koren AV Center

Hospital Law Manual
Koren AV Center

SSA Publications on CD-ROM
Contained on this cd-rom disk issued by the U.S. Social Security Administration are the Program Operations Manuals, the Social Security Handbook and Social Security Rulings and Acquiescence Rulings. Koren AV Center


The Amistad Incident
Koren AV Center

Human Rights on CD-ROM

Koren AV Center


IRIS (Immigration Research and Information Service) Primary and secondary immigration law materials. Reference


Guide to Registering Trademarks on CD-ROM
Koren AV Center

Patents ASSIST
Issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, this cd-rom contains many popular patent search tools including the "Attorney's Roster" for the PTO, the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, and classification definitions and orders. March 1997- Koren AV Center

Trademarks ASSIST
Koren AV Center


U.S. Foreign Affairs on CD-ROM
Issued by the U.S. Dept. of State, this cd-rom contains a file of current documents from 1990 to the present and a file of pre-1990 historical documents. Among items included on the cd-rom are the "country reports" series, travel and consular information and issues of Dispatch, the Department's newsletter. Koren AV Center


Contains the full-text of International Labor Organization conventions, recommendations, constitutions and ratifications since 1919. Also contains the reports of various committees. Focus is on international labor law. 1919 - Koren AV Center

Labordoc (ILO)
Contains references to ILO publications and other selected publications from international, regional and national organizations dealing with labor and working conditions. Includes references to books and journal articles. 1965-. Updated quarterly. Koren AV Center

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, Administrative Law Judge and Commission Decisions
Koren AV Center


Carmody-Wait, 2d A cyclopedia of New York practice forms; contains references to court decisions and New York statutes. CD-ROM Network New York Jurisprudence, 2d Legal encyclopedia covering New York law; provides references to court, administrative, and statutory sources. 1979- CD-ROM Network


Core Materials on Legal Ethics
Issued by the Legal Information Institute of Cornell University, this cd-rom contains the "Rules of Professional Conduct" for New York, California, Idaho, Texas and the District of Columbia. Also included is the American Bar Association's "Model Rules of Professional Responsibility". Issued as an accompaniment to v. 58, nos. 3+4 of Law and Contemporary Problems. Koren AV Center


American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d
Provides guidance in preparing state and federal legal forms; includes sample forms. 1971- CD-ROM Network

New York Forms: Legal and Business

CD-ROM Network

McKinney's Forms
Provides keyword indexing to legal forms for New York. Relevant forms include an introductory section and references to applicable New York state statutes and court decisions. CD-ROM Network


The Electronic Bluebook
Koren AV Center

Legal Research in California
Koren AV center


New York Appellate Division Reports, 2d Series
Koren AV Center

New York Court of Appeals Reports, 2d Series
Koren AV Center

New York Miscellaneous Reports, 2d Series
Koren AV Center

New York Rules of Court
CD-ROM Network

Shepard's New York Citations

Provides comprehensive information for checking the history and treatment of New York statutes and court decisions. Koren AV Center

New York Supplement, 2d

Contains the text of court decisions from New York courts. Decisions are annotated. v. 141 - CD-ROM Network


Gould's New York Consolidated Laws Unannotated
Koren AV Center

McKinney's Consolidated Laws of New York
Contains the text of laws passed by the New York State Legislature which are currently in force. Includes annotations and references to court decisions. Also included are the Rules of Court and recently passed Chapter Laws. CD-ROM Network

New York Consolidated Laws Service
Contains the laws passed by the New York Legislature which are currently in force. Includes historical and case notes. Also included are New York Court Acts and CLS forms. Koren AV Center

New York Session Laws 1996 (ch. 600+) - 1997

CD-ROM Network

Shepard's Citations: New York Statutes and Court Rules

Koren AV center


New York Attorney General Reports
Contains the text of opinions issued by the Attorney General of New York. 1977- CD-ROM Network

New York Code of Rules and Regulations

Compilation of rules and regulations issued by New York State administrative departments and agencies; includes extensive annotated histories. CD-ROM Network


Alternative Press Index
Contains indexing for articles from "250 alternative, radical, and left publications." Useful for locating articles from non-mainstream publications." 1991- . Updated quarterly. Koren AV Center

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
Indexes articles published in foreign legal periodicals. 1985- Koren AV Center

Index to Legal Periodicals and Books
Indexes articles published in legal periodicals. August 1981-1994 Koren AV Center

Index to Legal Periodicals and Books
CD-ROM Network


Congressional Quarterly's Politics in America
Contains profiles of U.S. Senators, Representatives and the governors of the fifty states with photos; also includes congressional district demographic information. 104th Congress, 1996- Reference Desk

U.S. Government Management Policy CD-ROM

Koren AV Center


Bibliography of Early American Law
Reference Desk

Accessions List: Eastern and Southern Africa, Cumulative Supplement
Koren AV Center

Accessions List: Eastern and Southern Africa, Serial Supplement ,
v. 28, 1995/96- Koren AV Center

A Bibliography of Nineteenth Century Legal Literature

"An author and subject catalogue of law treatises and all law related literature held in the legal collections of the Inns of Court in England, the British Copyright libraries (except the National Library of Wales), Harvard University Library, and the Library of Congress." [preface to users guide]. Reference Desk

GPO Monthly Catalog
Books and other materials published by the U.S. federal government. 1976- Koren AV Center

Index to Law School Theses and Dissertations
Reference Desk

The Lawyer's Reference Shelf
Contains keyword searchabletext for the following two publications: A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage (2d ed.) and The Oxford Dictionary of American Legal Quotations . Reference Desk

Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications

Contains bibliographic references to materials cataloged by the U.S. Government Printing Office. A cumulative edition is available. January 1996- Koren AV Center

Quote It Completely
Reference Desk

World Factbook

A compilation by the Central Intelligence Agency containing facts, profiles, and black and white maps of the countries of the world. Koren AV Center

1972-1995 A compilation of reports issued by the now defunct, U.S. Office of Technology Assessment. These reports provide analysis of scientific and technology issues that have had an impact on public policy and legislative action. Koren AV Center

  • South African Statutes. 1910-
  • South African Law Reports. 1947-
  • South African Criminal Law Reports. 1990-
  • South African Appellate Division Law Reports. 1910-
  • Indexes to South African Government Gazettes. 1910-
Koren AV Center


District of Columbia Code and Cases
Koren AV Center

New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission. Reports and Orders

v. 58, 1973- Koren AV Center


Earned Income Tax Credit
1999. (IRS Publication no. 3107) Koren AV Center

Federal Tax Products
Contains the text of IRS tax forms. 1993- Koren AV Center

Internal Revenue Manual
Koren AV Center

1998 International Tax Summaries

Koren AV Center

STEP: Small Business Tax Education Program
Issued by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, this cd-rom contains information for small business owners on their tax rights and responsibilities, record keepingrequirements and instructions on tax forms preparation. 1996- Koren AV Center

Tax Analysts' Info Tax

Koren AV Center

The Tax Lawyer: Thirty-Year Cumulative Index; 1967-1997
Koren AV Center

Tax Notes Magazine

Koren AV Center

Taxation of Private Corporations and Their Shareholders

Koren AV Center


United Nations Master Treaty Index on CD-ROM
An index of selective United Nations treaties published in the United Nations Treaty Series. Eventual goal is a cumulative master index of all United Nations treaties. Reference

United States Treaty Index (Hein)
Index to current and pending U.S. treaties. Reference

TRIAL PRACTICE The Interactive Courtroom: Cross-Examination: Evidence and Tactics Direct-Examination: Evidence and Tactics
The user represents either the plaintiff or defendant in a civil trial. These interactive cd-rom disks allow the user to make objections and to move to strike objectionable evidence during the course of a video/audio trial. Koren AV Center

Tangible Evidence: How to Use Exhibits at Deposition and Trial
Koren AV Center

Winning at Deposition

Koren AV Center

Winning Your Case With Graphics

Koren AV Center


Index to United Nations Documents and Publications
Index to documents and publications issued by the United Nations. 1966 - present Koren AV Center


UN and non-UN materials held at the Dag Hammarskjold Library and UN Library in Geneva. 1979- CD-ROM Network

UNESCO Resolutions and Decisions, 1987-1996
Contains the full-text of General Conference Resolutions from 1987-1995 and Executive Board Decisions from 1988 to 1996. Koren AV Center