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Charles B. Sears Law Library SUNY Buffalo Law School

Learning Legal Research

Legal Research Video Shorts

Four minute videos imparting pearls of wisdom from our Reference Librarians!

  • Law Library GPS
    Finding your way in the Law Library…
    Link to: [MP4] or [YouTube]
  • Law Library Fundamentals
    Five tips when using any legal resource…
    Link to: [MP4] or [YouTube]
  • New York Court Reports Where to find judicial decisions from New York courts…
    Link to: [MP4] or [YouTube]

CALI: Legal Research Lessons

The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction offers 950+ self-paced lessons on a wide array of legal topics. A complete list of CALI’s legal research and writing lessons can be found here: For LAW STUDENTS ONLY. See reference librarian for access information.

  • American Law Reports
  • Citation Form for Briefs and Legal Memoranda
  • Drafting a Contract: The Sale of Goods
  • Drafting Contracts Using 'Shall', 'May' and 'Must'
  • Drafting with 'And' and 'Or'
  • Federal Legislative History Research
  • How to Brief a Case
  • Internet Legal Resources -- Free Resources
  • Learning Legal Analysis Through Its Components: Issue, Rule Application, Conclusion -- IRAC
  • Legal Research 101: The Tools of the Trade
  • Legal Research Methodology
  • Researching Canadian Law: Case Approach
  • Researching Federal Administrative Regulations
  • Using IRAC to Develop an Object Memorandum of Law
  • Writing Better Law School Exams: The Importance of Structure

Videos - Koren AV Center

Berring on Legal Research: Deep Principles for Researching and Understanding the Law

DVD KF240 .B447 2006
  • DVD 1. Why legal research is so important -- Knowing what you are doing -- Time & money: real life research -- The deep principles -- Judicial reports: judicial decisions, The three-part court structure, Structure of an opinion, The format, Finding cases -- Getting help --
  • DVD 2. Thinking about research -- Statutes: The context, Federal statutes, State statutes -- Administrative law -- Secondary sources -- Research rules.


Hanging on the ends of the stacks on the second floor throughout the New York and Federal Core materials are charts that briefly explain the arrangement and use of primary and secondary legal tools.