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Stephen Paskey

Journal articles

The Law is Made of Stories: Erasing the False Dichotomy Between Stories and Legal Rules, Legal Comm. & Rhetoric: JALWD (Fall  2014) vol. 11 p. 51
Call Number: K10 .O8876
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Domestic Violence & Partner Notification: Implications for Treatment and Counseling of Women with HIV, J. Am. Womens' Med. Assn. (with Karen H. Rothenberg, Melissa M. Reuland, Sheryl Itkin Zimmerman, and Richard L. North) (May/Aug.  1995) vol. 50 p. 87

The Risk of Domestic Violence and Women with HIV Infection: Implications for Partner Notification, Public Policy, and the Law, Am. J. Pub. Health (with Karen H. Rothenberg) (Nov.  1995) vol. 85 p. 1569
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Stephanie L. Phillips


Intolerance of Tolerance' in the Unitarian Controversy: The Theology of Baker v. Fales, After Secular Law (Stanford University Press:   2011) p. 101
Call Number: Law Library BL65 .L33 A38 2011
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Beyond Competitive Victimhood: Abandoning Arguments That Black Women or Black Men Are Worse Off, Progressive Black Masculinities (Athena Mutua, ed.) (Routledge:   2006) p. 217 Catalog Record      Google Books preview icon

Journal articles

Trying a New Way: Barack Obama's Tolerance of Intolerance, Am. U. J. Gender & Soc. Pol'y & L. (2010) vol. 18 p. 803
Call Number: Law Library K1 .M47
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The Convergence of the Critical Race Theory Workshop with LatCrit Theory: A History, U. Miami L. Rev. (1998) vol. 53 p. 1247
Call Number: Law Library K25 .N65
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Claiming Our Foremothers: The Legend of Sally Hemings and the Tasks of Black Feminist Theory, Hastings Women's L.J. (1997) vol. 8 p. 401 Catalog Record      HeinOnline      Westlaw      Website