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Faculty Scholarship

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Matthew Dimick


A Profession of Its Own: The Rise of Health Information Professionals in American Healthcare, Medical Professionalism in the New Information Age (2010) p. 132
Call Number: Law Library R858 .M46 2010
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Journal articles

Wage-Setting Institutions and Corporate Governance, Journal of Comparative Economics (with Neel Rao) (2016) [Forthcoming]

Lords and Order: Credible Rulers and State Failure, Rationality & Society (May  2015) vol. 27 p. 161 SSRN     

Productive Unionism, UC Irvine L. Rev. (2014) vol. 4 p. 679
Call Number: Online
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Compensation, Employment Security, and the Economics of Public Sector Labor Law, U. Tol. L. Rev. (2012) vol. 43 p. 533
Call Number: Law Library K24 .O4
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Labor Law, New Governance, and the Ghent System, N.C. L. Rev. (2012) vol. 90 p. 319
Call Number: Law Library K14 .O694
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Revitalizing Union Democracy: Labor Law, Bureaucracy, and Workplace Association, Denv. U. L. Rev. (2010) vol. 88 p. 1
Call Number: Law Library K4 .E5
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Reports, papers & other scholarship

Wage-Setting Institutions and Corporate Governance (with Neel Rao) (SUNY Buffalo Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2014-017:   2014) SSRN     


Book Review: Varieties of Liberalization and the New Politics of Social Solidarity by Kathleen Thelen, Contemp. Soc. (2016) vol. 45 p. 93 Website     

Thomas F. Disare

Journal articles

A Lawyer's Education, Md. J. Contemp. Iss. (1996) vol. 7 p. 359
Call Number: Law Library K13 .A73
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