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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Law Library Cancellation List (July 2010)

Publication Author Publisher Call Number
Municipal Legal Forms : With Commentary Moore, Ralph J Callaghan, c1964- KF5305 .A3 M6 1964  
Federal Trade Commission Kanwit, Stephanie W Shepard’s, Inc., 1979- KF1611 .K36 1979  
Federal Banking Law Reports    CCH, 1982- KF971.5 .F43  
The Law of Fraudulent Transactions Alces, Peter A West 2002- KF1534 .A95 2002  
Bankruptcy Practice For the General Practitioner  Drake, W. Homer McGraw-Hill 1995- KF1524 .D7 1995  
Herzog's Bankruptcy Forms and Practice Herzog, Asa Shaffer Callaghan 1991- KF1527 .H45 1991  
Creditors' Rights in Bankruptcy Murphy, Patrick A West 1988-  KF1524 .M87 1988  
State and Local Government Civil Rights Liability Bodensteiner, Ivan E ; Levinson, Rosalie Berger West  KF1325 .C58 B63 1987  
Section 1983 Litigation in State Courts Steinglass, Steven H. C. Boardman, 1988- KF1325 .C58 S74 1987  
Federal Civil Rights Acts Smolla, Rodney A , Antieau, Chester James Callaghan 1994- KF4749 .A745 1994  
Consumer Credit Guide    CCH 1969- KF1039 .A8 C6  
Modern Constitutional Law Antieau, Chester James. West 1997 KF4550 .A75 1997  
Sexual Orientation and the Law
Achtenberg, Roberta
Callaghan 1985- KF4754.5 .S49 1985  
Immigration Briefings Federal Publications Federal Publications 1988- KF4802 .I463
Interpreter Release / Foreign Language Information Service   Foreign Language Information Service  KF4802 .I57
Immigration Legislation Handbook. Fragomen, Austin T  Callaghan 1997- KF4819 .I482  
American Constitutional Interpretation  Murphy, Walter F Foundation Press 2008 KF4549 .M87 2008  
Treatise on Constitutional Law : Substance and Procedure Rotunda, Ronald D. ; Nowak, John E.  West  2007- KF4550 .R63 2007  
Guide to Homeland Security Thomson/West West 2003- KF4850 .A29 G85  
Federal Immigration Laws and Regulations   West 1993- KF4805.99 .U54  
The Law of Suretyship and Guaranty  Alces, Peter A. Warren, Gorham & Lamont 1996- KF1045 .A937 1996  
The Law of Product Warranties Clark, Barkley ; Smith, Christopher, West Group 2002- KF919.C6 C55 2002  
The Law of Seamen Force, Robert ;Norris, Martin J. West 2003- KF1121 .N64 2003  
Uniform Commercial code Series Hawkland, William D West 1982- KF879.527 .H38 1982  
Broker-Dealer Operations and Regulation Under Securities and Commodities Laws Markham, Jerry W West 2002- KF1071 .M36 2002  
Williston on Sales Nelson, Deborah L ; Williston, Samuel Callaghan 1994- KF915 .W5 1994  
Security Interests in Personal Property Reiley, Eldon H. West 1999- KF1050 .Z95 R43 1999  
Couch on Insurance 3d Russ, Lee R ; Segalla, Thomas F ;  Callaghan 1995- KF1159.5 .C62 1995  
A Treatise on the Law of Contracts - 4th Ed.  Williston, Samuel ; Lord, Richard Lawyers Coop 1990- KF801 .W53 1990  
Fletcher Corporation Forms Annotated Fletcher, William Meade West, 1972- KF1411 .F55 1972  
Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Corporations Fletcher, William Meade West, 1931- KF1384 .F55 1931  
Durable Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives Jordan, Michael L. M West, 2004- KF1347 .D7 2004  
O'Neal and Thompson's Close Corporations and LLCs: Law and Practice O'Neal, F. Hodge ; Thompson, Robert B. West, 2004- KF1466 .O52 2004  
Nonprofit Enterprises : Corporations, Trusts, and Associations Phelan, Marilyn E West, 2000- KF1388 .P47 2000  
Blumberg on Corporate Groups 2d ed. Blumberg, Philip J. Aspen, 2005- KF1414 .B54 2005  
Mergers, Acquististions, and Buyouts Ginsburg, Martin D. ; Levin, Jack S. Aspen, 1997- KF6499 .M4 M47  
Corporate Counsel's Quarterly.   Business Laws Inc., 1984- K3 .O724  
Education Law (James A. Rapp ed.) Rapp, James A.  Bender 1984- KF4119 .E275 1984  
Immigration and Citizenship: Process and Policy Aleinikoff, Thomas Alexander West 2008 KF4818 .A43 2008  
Trademark Practice Throughout the World Squyres, Mary M West 1998- K1555.4 .S69 1998  
Modern Patent Law Precedent Aisenberg, Irwin M. West, 2009. KF3109 .A35 2008  
Intellectual Property Law Review   Clark Boardman  KF3114 .A1 P3  
Goldstein on Copyright 3rd ed. Goldstein, Paul Aspen, 2005- KF2994 .G65 2005  
Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts: Agreements and the Law Lindey, Alexander ;Landau, Michael  West, 2004- KF2992 .L5 2004  
Information Law Nimmer, Raymond T West 2002- KF2979 .N56 2002  
Internet Law and Practice   West Group   2002- KF390.5. C6 I567 2002  
Municipal Ordinances : Text and Forms Matthews, Thomas Alexander Callaghan, 1972- KF5313 .M342 1972  
The Law of Municipal Corporations McQuillin, Eugene  Callaghan, 1949- KF5305 .M34 1949  
Local Government Law  Sands, C. Dallas ; Libonati, Michael E Callaghan, 1981- KF5300 .S26 1981  
Bromberg and Ribstein on Limited Liablity Partnerships and the Revised Uniform Partnership Act Bromberg, Alan R ; Ribstein, Larry E. Little, Brown 1995- KF1380 . B76  
Securities Regulation : Selected Statutes, Rules and Forms. Hazen, Thomas Lee  West 1990- KF1433.99 .S4  
Treatise on the Law of Securities Regulation Hazen, Thomas Lee West 2005 KF1439 .H39 2005  
Revocable Trusts Turner, George M West, c2003- KF734 .T87 2003  
The Law of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse.  Jost, Timothy S; Davies, Sharon L West  KF3608 .A4 L39  
Medicare and Medicaid Claims and Procedures McCormick, Harvey L West, 2005. KF3605 .M3 2005  
Social Security Claims and Procedures McCormick, Harvey L. West 1998. KF3649 .M27 1998  
Social Security Law and Practice Rosenhouse, Michael A. ; Cole, Melvin C. Lawyers Co-operative 1987- KF3646.5 .S63 1987  
Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Handbook   C.Boardman 1990- KF6397 .L68  
International Trade Practice Kaye, Harvey ; Dunn, Christopher A West, 2004- KF6659 .K39 2004  
Tax Aspects of Bankruptcy Law and Practice McQueen, C. Richard C.Boardman1997- KF6332 .M35 1997  
Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Laws Pattison, Joseph E West, 2003- KF6708 .D8 A84  
All States Tax Guide (RIA)   RIA, 1960- KF6750 .A6 A44  
Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts Haig, Robert L. West  1998 KF8925 .C55 B87 1998  
Litigation of International Disputes in U.S. Courts Nanda, Ved P ; Pansius, David K West 2005- KF8940 .P75 N36 2005  
Mastering Vehicle Injury Cases Oppenheim, Elliott B West 2009 KF8925 .T7 O67 2008  
Mediation : Law, Policy, Practice Rogers, Nancy H ; McEwen, Craig A Lawyers Cooperative 1989 KF9084 .R64 1989  
Guide to Multistate Litigation Schwartz, Victor E. Shepard’s/McGraw-Hill 1985 KF8900 .S38 1985  
Discovery Proceedings in Federal Court Shepard's editorial staff Shepard’s/ McGraw-Hill 1995 KF8900 .S5 1995  
Swartz Hazardous Products Litigation Swartz, Edward M Lawyers Co-operative Pub. 1988 KF8925 .P7 S9 1988  
Federal Procedure : A Problem-Solving Textual Analysis of Federal Judicial and Administrative Procedure. Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company,
Bancroft-Whitney Company
 West 1981- KF8835 .F43 1981
White Collar Crime Androphy, Joel M West  2001- KF9350  .A93 2001  
Wharton's Criminal Evidence Bergman, Barbara E.; Hollander, Nancy  West  1997- KF9660 .W43 1997  
Eyewitness Identification : Legal and Practical Problems Sobel, Nathan R West 2002- KF9662 .S632  
Post Conviction Remedies Yackle, Larry W Lawyers Co-op  1981 KF9690 .Y3 1981  
Children and the Law : Rights & Obligations Jacobs, Thomas A  Callaghan 1995- KF479 .J33 1995  
Legal Rights of Children Kramer, Donald T West  2005 KF479 .L44 2005  

Revised 7/26/2010