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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Law Library Conference Room Reservations

Policy and Procedure

Use of conference rooms is limited to currently enrolled law students. Conference rooms are for group study. Please be considerate of your fellow law students and only reserve conference rooms for group study. The following rules are to ensure equitable access to conference rooms for all law students. Please be advised that the following procedures and rules are subject to change as the need arises.

A conference room key may be checked out at the Circulation Desk.  At least two (2) law students in the study group must be present to check out a conference room key.  You will both need to present your SUNY ID card each time you check out a key.  The person signing out the key is responsible for insuring that the key is returned at the end of their 2 hour time slot, or when the room is no longer needed.  A late fee of $.05 cents a minute is charged for overdue keys.  If the group is using the room for more than 2 hours, the key must be returned and checked out to another person in the group.  Again, at least two (2) law students in the study group must be present for each subsequent renewal.

Conference rooms may be reserved in advance for a time slot on the day that the conference room is needed.  No other advance reservations will be allowed.  Only one (1) law student needs to be present to reserve a 2 hour time slot in their name.  No one may reserve the room in anyone’s name but their own.

Each member of a group may sign out the conference room. The name on the sign-out sheet must match the ID of the person checking out the key. Reserved conference rooms will only be held for 10 minutes.  If the key is lost, the person signing out the key will be assessed a replacement fee of $10.00.  Repeated failure to return a key will result in the revocation of conference room privileges.

Please be advised that the conference room sign-out sheet will be available for others to view in order to facilitate the meeting of groups.

When you temporarily leave your conference room and when you leave after your time slot, please be sure that the door to the conference room is closed and locked to prevent unauthorized use of the room.

Abandoned Property Disclaimer

The Law Library is not responsible for property left in conference rooms. Personal property left in conference rooms will be considered “abandoned property” as defined in Section 251(3) of the New York Personal Property Law. The property will be removed to the Law Library storage room so that others may use the conference room. If the property remains unclaimed after 10 days, it will be transferred to the Dept. of Public Safety (Bissell Hall, North Campus) pursuant to Section 252(1) of the New York Personal Property Law.