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Only cataloger can count title, at the point at which call number is assigned to a title and all records in online catalog reflect it.

All other references in this procedure are to item (or piece) counts.

Basic Concepts

  • If there is no physical item, nothing can be counted.
  • Each item sent to end-processing will be counted in upon receipt and then counted out when it is withdrawn.
  • Categorize based on format of bibliographic record (books, serials, audio, video, etc.)

Do NOT Count

  • Anything without a physical piece (Internet resource, e-book, e-journal, website, etc.)
  • Any physical item that has not gone through end-processing (unbound pieces checked in by Acquisitions)
  • Anything uncataloged (without call number)


Periodicals/Serials: Acquisitions Associate does NOT count any items in periodical or serial category when they are being placed on shelf to go to Bindery. Head of Cataloging counts them as she prepares them for bindery and then uses that count in the monthly Cataloging statistics.

Monographs: All monographs are counted when they are cataloged. Head of Cataloging includes monographs in monthly Bindery statistics, but not in monthly Cataloging statistics, unless they have to be split into more than one piece as prepared for bindery due to thickness.


All categories: Head of Cataloging keeps a count of items being sent to Preservation only to get a sense of how much volume is going. But she does not include these counts in the monthly Cataloging statistics.

Cataloged items in all categories must be counted by the staff member handling it through regular statistics-gathering method.


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