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STA Field in Bibliographic Records

Because of procedures for contributing records to the SUNY Union Catalog, there can be no use of the STA field in bibliographic records beyond the following. The use of approved text in the STA field is explained in the context of workflow.

  1. Last public copy is withdrawn.
    • Item Process Status code: WD
    • STA field in bib record: WITHDRAWN
    • Use WITHDRAWN for material in all formats including online.
  2. There are no public copies, or we do not want the record to appear in the OPAC for a reason other than the last public copy has been withdrawn.
    • Item record is not affected.
    • STA field in bib record: SUPPRESSED
    • Holdings record is not affected.
  3. The bib record is a duplicate, it was passed from OCLC in error, or it is not needed for some other reason.
    • If necessary, any item and holding records have been moved to a different bib record.
    • STA field in bib record: FOR DELETION
    • Holdings record is deleted from server (Ctrl+r or click icon).

The text in the STA field must be uppercase.

Note that DELETED should never be used, since the result is that record is retrievable only by system number. Nor should one delete a bib record from the server.

text from Aleph Policies & Procedures blog, Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Content last updated: nb 4/09