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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Signed Copies

An item must be designated as signed and to be shelved in Law Archives & Special Collections by appropriate Law Library staff member. In other words, every signed item is not automatically designated as such without discussion.

  • Catalog and assign a call number as usual.
  • Maintain a single Aleph bibliographic record for both signed copies and unsigned copies, if more than one copy is held.
  • Add to OCLC holdings.
  • Add to New Additions list if appropriate.
  • HOL record:
    • 852 subfield c (Collection Code): LARCH
    • 852 subfield z (Public Note): Signed by [Last name, First name] Example: Signed by Jackson, Robert
      For [Last name, First name], substitute form of name of person who has signed book from authority record, if one exists. If there is no authority record, use last name of person who has signed book, followed by a comma and first name.
  • Item record:
    • Item Status = 02
  • End-processing:
    • Type "signed" under call number on label
    • Example:
  • Tattle-tape
  • DNC stamp


Content last updated: 1/13