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Series Order Records

A Series Order Record is created in Aleph to establish one order for selected titles issued in a vendor series, such as Nutshells or Examples and explanations.


Create a brief bibliographic record (books format) for the Series in Cataloging module.
  • Edit 008 fixed field with values as follows:
    • Type of date: m
    • Date 1: 9999
    • Date 2: 9999
    • This ensures that series record falls at top of title index.
    • Example of fixed field values for series brief record
  • Add STA SUPPRESSED field.
  • Add SER field with values as follows:
    • $a MC
    • $b Purchase
    • $c Print
    • $d Law
    • Example of STA and SER fields in series brief record
Create a holdings record.
  • Add STA SUPPRESSED field.
  • Edit 008 fixed fields per Holdings (HOL) Record procedure instructions.
  • Add 852 field: 1st indicator: 8
  • 852 subfield b: BUFLA
  • 852 subfield c: GEN
  • 852 subfield x: Search individual author/title for items in this series.
  • Example of HOL record
Create an order in Acquistions module.
  • Include these annotations in general note field: Series record. Record for payment and arrivals only. Individual titles cataloged separately.
Do not create an item record on Series Order Record.


  • When an individual title in the Series is received, record that title on Series Order Record in Acquisitions module. On the Arrival Form, include full title and edition number in Note field.
  • Example of Arrival Form
  • Export record from OCLC for individual title.
  • Create item record in Cataloging module. In Tab 3, Order Number box, put Aleph order number.
  • Example of Order Record


  • Catalog as usual.
  • Process as usual.


Content last updated: 10/15