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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Serials Check-in

  • State Reporters
  • State Statutes
  • Supplemental Pamphlets
  • Annuals
  • Anything that will require end-processing


Begin in Aleph Acquisitions/Serials module.

Our example is West’s Federal Reporter. The piece in hand is ser.3 v.682.

Highlight the desired record by clicking on it. Click Orders (or in ALEPH terms, “PUSH” the record to the Order screen)

The order record is displayed. There are 7 orders entered on this record. Identify the open order by looking at the Status field. An open order will be coded as “SV”. Click on the open order which corresponds to the piece you have in hand. If there is an order for more than one copy or for a different format (such as microfiche), there may be more than one open order.
Take note of the Library Note box.
This box contains any special instructions for this title. A flag is placed in the piece, if appropriate, to indicate any special considerations for processing or shelving. In this example, West’s Federal Reporter resides in the Federal Core and receives a DOES NOT CIRCULATE (DNC) stamp.

Click on [A] Arrival


This brings up the ARRIVAL screen. This screen will show all past receipts if there are any. This title has many past receipts; scroll down as necessary to see immediately previous receipt.
Click the ADD button.

Type in the Note box the description of the piece(s) in hand. Make sure to note the number of pieces in the No.Units Arrived box.

Click the Add button


The piece has been successfully added.

Click on the [2] Overview button.

From this screen, go to the Cataloging module so that the item can be added to the summary volume holdings and linked.

Click on Cataloging.

We are now in the Cataloging module and the full bibliographic record is on the screen.

Click on the HOL Records TAB

Highlight the correct holdings. In this case, the first Holding is for
BUFLA FEDC = Law Library Federal Core Collection

The second holding is for BUFAN NS = Libraries Annex Non-Circulating

Select the Federal Core holding.

Click Edit.

The holding record is displayed.

Note Call number and summary volume holdings.

Since we have ser.3 v.683 in our hand, we can now add this to the holdings.

To save changes, Type Ctrl L

Click Continue and accept all overrides.
The summary volume holdings are now updated.

In Left pane, click on the plus (+) sign next to HOL – BUFLA FEDC STA to display all of the previously created items.

We can see that there are many previously created items.
Double click on ANY of the items.

All items are now displayed in the upper pane.

Highlight any of the items by clicking on it.
Click the Duplicate button.


This makes a duplicate copy of the highlighted item. Edit the form to match the piece in hand.
Place a barcode in the back of the volume and use the barcode reader gun to insert the 39072… number into the Barcode field.
Change the description field to match the piece in hand.



Click on TAB 4. Serial Information

Click Arrival date. Click on today’s date.

Click on TAB 5. Serial Levels

Insert proper coding for piece in hand following Item Sequencing Instructions found in the Technical Services Procedures Manual.

Click on Update button.

Count number of pieces received and record on statistics summary sheet which will be gathered at the beginning of each month by the Head of Cataloging.

Check-in is complete.


Content last updated: 2/16