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Guidelines for Adding Internet Resource Printouts

  1. As a general rule, the Cataloging Department prefers to catalog the Internet resource alone and not to create added copies for printouts of these resources. Internet resource addresses (URL's) should go directly to the Acquisitions Clerk for the creation of a pre-cataloging record in the online catalog. If printouts are deemed absolutely necessary the printouts should go directly to the Head of Cataloging.
  2. If the decision is made to add a printout of an Internet resource to the collection, it must fall with the collection development guidelines specified in the Law Library Collection Development Policy.
  3. Care will be taken not to reproduce materials from the Internet if a paper copy can be purchased for a reasonable cost. A printout not selected for cataloging may be added to the Reference Desk vertical file.
  4. The permanence of the Internet site and the likelihood that the Internet resource will be available in the future should be considered when the decision to add a printout to the collection is made. Does the Internet site intend to archives its online publications? What is the purpose of the Internet site where the Internet resource is located?
  5. In order to insure consistency in the application of the guidelines, requests for addition of Internet printouts to the collection will be sent to the Head of Electronic Information Services or the Director of the Law Library for approval. The Head of Electronic Information Services wil ensure that Internet resources are printed on acid free paper using a laser printer. Reference staff will be informed via e-mail of the addition of the resource to the Law Library collection.

For additional guidelines, see Collection Development Policy.

Policy input May 2001 sd
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