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Purchase-on-demand via Interlibrary Loan (PODILL)


PODILL is an off-shoot of ‘just in time’ purchasing for the collection. Unlike CTS’s tracking of a central PODILL pilot program, we do not track PODILL within ALEPH bibliographic records.  Rather, it is tracked and tallied by the person in charge of ordering.

It is assumed that, because the purchase was made via a request placed in ILLiad, the purchased item is not needed as an office copy. It is also assumed that any Delivery+ request will have a hold placed on the item during acquisition (Step II below) for the requesting patron.


  1. Review of ILLiad Requests  (Collection Management)
  2. Ordering of PODILL materials (Collection Management)
    1. PODILL Non-faculty Request
    2. PODILL Faculty Request: General Notes
  3. Intake of PODILL materials (Acquisitions)
  4. Cataloging of PODILL materials (Cataloging): General Note
  5. Delivery of PODILL materials (Circulation)

I.  Review of ILLiad Requests (Collection Management)

Review items within ILLiad using the following steps:

  1. Logon to ILLiad
  2. Go to the Borrowing Queue:   click the “Borrowing” tab below the “Home” tab a few inches below the top on the left.
  3. Check to see if the "In Review by Collection Development" queue exists in the list below the borrowing tab.
    • If there isn't one, it means there are no active requests that meet the collection development criteria at this time, or they have already timed-out and moved onto the "Awaiting Request  Processing" queue.
    • If there is a queue, double click on the "In Review by Collection Development" queue or right click on it and select "View Requests" to open this list.

  4. Within the list, double click on the first request in the list or right click on it and select "View Request".  The request will open in another window, with the request number and the phrase "Borrowing Request" at the top of the window.  The bulk of the request is captured below:

  5. Evaluate title for Purchase on Demand
  6. If Yes, click on Shipping Options tab and select "CD-Yes". If purchased for non-faculty, make note of the Username which appears below the transaction number (e.g., "userabc" is the non-faculty username in the figure above.)

  7. Click on Email and select "Coll. Dev. to Acq."

    An email will pop up notifying Acquisitions and ILL. Click the Send button. At this point the transaction will go into the Coll. Dev. Recommends Purchase queue.
  8. If No, click on Shipping Options tab and select "CD-No."  Add note explaining rejection of purchase-on-demand in notes field by right clicking within the note box.

    The note contains your text, a date and time stamp, and an "Added by" field.
  9. Exit out of the borrowing request, click on "Save Changes" when prompted while exiting request.

II.  Ordering of PODILL Materials (Collection Management)

For all orders, follow normal ordering procedure through appropriate vendor. 

A.  PODILL for Non-faculty members
This category includes students, Baldy fellows, and proxy accounts for faculty research assistants.

  1. In addition to the normal process for adding information about a recently purchased item to ALEPH's acquisition module:
    1. In Tab 2, "General Notes Field," add the following information:
      Delivery+:[patron name and UB email address], PODILL [ILLiad request number] (also known as the 'Borrowing Request number'), AND
    2. Also in Tab 2, create a hold for the patron.
    To create a hold:
    1. Click on the ellipsis next to the field for Initiator ID, to bring up a dialog box in which you can search by patron last name, first name. Hit enter to search after typing in the name:

    2. Select the correct patron:

    3. Selecting the patron will autofill the information into the initiator ID fields. Click on 'Action' field, and select 'Create Hold.'

    4. Click Add or Update in the order record to add the order and hold information. This generates a hold in the Circulation module.

B.  PODILL for Faculty

  1. PODILL for Faculty is processed in the same way as for non-faculty outlined above EXCEPT the hold is placed within the Acquisitions module for the Mercury patron account to avoid notification emails being sent to individual faculty members.

III. Intake of PODILL materials (Acquisitions)

Title is arrived, and given two slips:

  • "Delivery+" (pink) with annotations.
    • If non-faculty request: Patron name and UB email address,
    • If faculty request: Faculty name.
  • "POD-ILL" (blue) with POD# written in from general notes field on Tab 2.  If it is a faculty PODILL, write faculty name on slip as well.

IV.  Cataloging of PODILL materials (Cataloging)

General Note:  PODILL materials are cataloged in keeping with regular items in the collection.  No special notations are made in ALEPH records in Cataloging module. Processed items are sorted and placed on appropriate shelves in Circulation.

V.  Delivery of PODILL materials (Circulation)

  1. Title is delivered to Circulation by Cataloging.
  2. Law ILL is notified to close order via blue slip in wire basket outside Head of Access Services' office.
  3. Item is delivered to faculty members by Delivery+ support people.


Content last updated: 6/11/2015