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Charles B. Sears Law Library SUNY Buffalo Law School

Physical Handling

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Materials, regardless of priority, that are folded and stapled through the center, are sewn into a set of pressboard covers.

  • Create/edit item, placing barcode on label on purple Law Library Damaged Book flag.
  • Add call number and special instructions to flag.
  • Give to Bindery Assistant to send to Preservation.


Materials, regardless of priority, made up of loose pages, are machine-bound.

  • Mark "Velobind" on flag. Mark DNC or special location options as applicable also.
  • Place on Rush shelf or Velobind shelf in End Processing area, as applicable.


Velobinding Instructions

  1. Uncover and turn on the velobinding machine
  2. Supplies are kept near machine, with extras in credenza -- need: front cover (clear), back cover, spine (2 pieces)
  3. TATTLE-TAPE before punching
  4. PUNCH: If very few pages, may punch together; if any resistance, punch in sections. Front and back covers may also need to be punched.
  5. BIND: Line up flat piece of spine with small hole over pin. Align one cover, punched pages, then other cover, over flat spine. Put teethed spine piece over and through pages. Pull down handle, then bind. Machine will flash, then stop flashing and will beep when completed.
  6. Turn off machine and re-cover.

Brittle Books

  1. When cataloging or recataloging a piece that is brittle (i.e. its pages cannot pass the double-fold test without breaking off):
    1. Complete all cataloging.
    2. Use Damaged Book Flag, check "make enclosure" option.
    3. Give to Bindery Assistant for routing to Preservation
  2. Preservation creates special enclosures for brittle pieces. There should be a barcode inside the book itself AND "plus wrapper" should be written under barcode .

Commercial Bindery

Routine binding of soft bound materials ceased in 2006. Titles/categories sent for commercial binding are specifically named on the list at Y:/LawLibrary/Bindery/Titles Sent to the Bindery.doc

  • Print bibliographic record. Highlight call number, author's last name (if main entry), title, and edition. Put printout in item.
  • Note DNC on printout if applicable.
  • Give piece(s) to Bindery Assistant.

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