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Ordering Monographs

  1. Regular Purchases
Exceptions to Regular Purchases
  1. Office Copy Purchase
  2. Faculty Publication Purchases
  3. Law Review Support Purchases
  4. Purchase-on-demand via ILLiad Purchases
  5. Purchase-on-demand via direct contact

Before ordering any title, check Aleph first to see if UB owns it.

  1. Regular Purchases
    1. Request is generated through collection development activities. Item is purchased.
    2. Then,
      1. If the request is a duplicate to a copy/copies held by the University Libraries (i.e., an unsuppressed and un-withdrawn order record/bib record exists in Aleph), add the item to the existing record. (Move to Step 5a.)
      2. If the title doesn’t already have a record in Aleph, search OCLC for bibliographic record to be importedSeeOCLC Records, Locating and Importing Guidelines.”
    3. In the Aleph Acquisitions/Serials module, locate your order by entering in the Aleph system number.  This can be obtained from the popup box in OCLC resulting in import; look to the line: ‘Create new bib – BUF01.XXXXXXXXX” from the “Export Status” box in OCLC. 

      In this example, the Aleph system number is 003365670.  Enter this number into the ‘Order Bar,’ and hit enter:

    4. An unpopulated bib record will appear with the correct title of the record imported from OCLC.  Click ‘Add’ on the right side of the screen to add order information.  An ‘Order Type’ dialogue box will appear.  Select ‘Monograph.’  For example:

    5. Enter the order information in the form that appears. 
      *Note: if purchasing multiple items for the same purpose, you can save your defaults (green arrow on right) that will automatically populate the form for the next order you enter (green arrow in ‘Library Note:’ field).  In this example, ‘Office Copy Steilen’ was set as a default in the past. 
      1. In Tab 2 (General): 
        1. Change the system generated ‘Order Number’ to the bib record number.  In this case, the number is 3365670.  If the item is an additional copy being added to an existing record, annotate the order number to reflect its copy number.  (For example, if the above example was being added to a record that already had three copies, the Order Number field would say 3365670-4.)
        2. Change the material type in the ‘Material Format’ to PRN, ‘Material Type’ to BK, and ‘Sublibrary’ to BUFLA in their respective fields.
        3. Make any relevant notes in the ‘Library Note’ field.  For example, this field may include special instructions, rush orders.
      2. In Tab 3 (Vendor), enter the appropriate vendor code. 
      3. In Tab 4 (Quantity and Price), add the number of units and price purchased.  Click on the arrow next to the ‘Item Collection’ field, and select the collection the monograph will be added to.  In this example, the default ‘Item Collection’ location is ‘OC’ for ‘Office Copy.’

    6. After checking over the entries, click ‘Add’ on the side toolbar to finish entering the order:

  2. Office Copy Purchase
    1. Request from faculty member is received.  Item is purchased.
    2. In Aleph, enter item in keeping with the regular ordering procedure.
    3. In addition:
      1. Make a note in the ‘General Tab’ to indicate requesting professor.  Currently, the format for this note is “OC [Professor’s name].”  For example:
      2. Under Tab 4 (“Quantity and Price”), change “Item Collection” to “OC” using drop down menu.  For example:
      3. If the office copy is an additional copy of a title held in the collection, the item must be suppressed.
        1. While in an order, click on the left column's 'Items/Subscriptions,' and open Tab 2. General Information. Confirm Collection as 'OC,' and change Item Process Status to 'SU' (Suppressed).
      4. If the office copy is the only copy in the Libraries, the bibliographic record must be suppressed in Cataloging Module. 
        1. Click on the “Overview” option in the Order.
        2. In the screen that appears, click on ‘Cataloging’ in the top right corner.
        3. After clicking on ‘Cataloging,’ the Aleph Cataloging Module will open, and will display the record for the item connected to the order.
        4. Hit F5 or F6.
        5. If you hit F5, the ‘Open a New Field’ dialogue box will appear after hitting F5, select ‘STA’ from the list, and click on ‘OK’.  If you’ve hit F6, you can manually enter ‘STA_ _ a SUPPRESSED.’
        6. In the new field, type ‘SUPPRESSED’ in all caps:
        7. To save these changes to the record, click on the ‘Save to Server’ icon in the right corner:

  3. Faculty Publication Purchases
    1. Order three copies of the monograph, unless it is a casebook. If it is a casebook, order one copy for Law Archives.
    2. Import OCLC record.
    3. When adding order information in Aleph Acquisitions/Serials module, add the following:
      1. In Tab 2, add to the ‘Library Note’ field: “Fac pub [Faculty member’s surname], c1 archives, c2 gen coll, c3 fac reading room.”
      2. In Tab 4, be sure to enter the correct number of units. 
    4. After order is entered, click on ‘Items/Subscriptions’ in the ‘Order’ submenu

    5. You are now looking at the ‘Items List’(orange arrow).  In Tab 2, the red arrow is pointing to the ‘Collection’ field, the blue arrow is pointing to the ‘Item Status’ field, and the green arrow is pointing to the ‘Update’ option for the highlight item record.

    6. Update the item statuses to reflect the correct location.
      1. For the first item, change the ‘Collection’ field (red arrow) to ‘LARCH’ (Special Collections) and the ‘Item Status’ to ‘02’ (Non-circulating).
      2. For the second item, change the ‘Collection’ field (red arrow) to ‘GEN’ (General Collection) and the ‘Item Status’ to ‘01’ (Regular loan).
      3. For the third item, change the ‘Collection’ field (red arrow) to ‘FAC’ (Faculty Reading Room),  the ‘Item Status’ to ‘02’ (Non-circulating), and the ‘Item Process Status’ field (below the blue arrow) to ‘SU’ (Suppressed).
        The item list should reflect these changes:

  4. Law Review Support Purchases
    Items purchased in support of the Buffalo Law Review (BLR) are processed as office copies, with the annotation "OC BLR" in Tab 2's Library Notes field.

  5. Purchase-on-demand via ILLiad
    Patron requests received via the ILLiad client are processed as regular purchases and are delivered using Delivery+. At arrival, items should be flagged with the Delivery+ flag and the PODILL flag. NB: See "Purchase-on-demand via Interlibrary Load (PODILL)" for complete PODILL procedure.

  6. Purchase-on-demand via direct contact
    Patron requests received directly by the Head of Collection Management or other staff members are processed as purchase-on-demand and are delivered using Delivery+.
    At acquisitions, the order is entered as outlined above with the following annotations as appropriate:
    • For non-faculty requests: In Tab 2, "Library Notes" field, add the following information:
      Delivery+:[patron name and UB email address].
    • For faculty requests: In Tab 2, “Library Notes” field, add the following information:
      Delivery+:[faculty name]
    At arrival, items should be flagged with the Delivery+ flag with the information from Library Notes field transposed.

See also:

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