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New Titles Cataloging

Cataloging new titles (copy or shared) entails editing bibliographic, holding and item records in Aleph. The bibliographic record should be edited first, but it does not matter in what order the holdings and items are created/edited.

| Bibliographic record | Item record | Holdings record | Statistics slip | End processing flags |


Bibliographic records may be exported to Aleph from OCLC.
  1. Edit Aleph bibliographic record according to cataloging rules and MARC 21 standards.
  2. Run macro for New Additions list if appropriate (see documentation for Adding Titles to "New Additions" Lists.)
  3. Save to server (ctrl/L) before creating/editing holdings and/or item records. Failure to save bibliographic record BEFORE working on holdings/items will result in an update error and changes to the bibliographic record may be lost.
  4. Run OCLC holdings macro.

  5. Bibliographic record screen shot

ITEM record

To create a new item record in Aleph:
  1. Click on + symbol next to BUF50
    Bibliographic record screen shot
  2. Double click Items
  3. In top window, click New
  4. In bottom window, enter Sublibrary, Collection, Material Type, Item Status, and Item Process Status (if necessary), then click Add.
  5. Item record screen shot
To edit an existing item record in Aleph:
In item record, click on 2. General Information (1) Tab
  1. Make any necessary corrections to Sublibrary, Collection, Material Type, Description, and Item Status.
  2. Remove Item Process status (field should be blank unless Office Copy or suppressed for other reason)
  3. Delete system supplied barcode and wand in new barcode.
  4. Update.
  5. Item record screen shot


To create a new HOLDINGS record in Aleph:
  1. Click + symbol next to BUF50
  2. Double click Items
  3. In bottom window, click Holdings Tab
  4. Create holding record
  5. Click Create New
  6. Edit according to the following example, then Save to Server

  7. Edit holding record
  8. For additional guidance, see: Holdings (HOL) Record procedure.

Fill out STATISTICS slip

Make a statistics slip for each new title, date stamp the slip and put in the statistics box.

Gift and depository monographs come to Cataloging flagged as "Not Purchased." When these titles are cataloged, write "Not Purchased" at top of statistics slip, above format and category.

Example of a typical Stat Slip
Stat Slip example


Pink flags should be placed in Rush and Special Location materials. Green flags may be added to indicate instructions for previous editions. Office Copies and POD have special flags.

Content last updated: em, 7/16