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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Adding Titles to "New Additions" Lists

The following procedures are in place to generate the "New Additions" lists, including one for the Law Library overall and one for the Koren AV Center alone.

To add a title to the New Additions, list, include in the bib record a 930 subfield "a" containing the date you are creating the record. The date must be in the YYYYMMDD format (e.g., for January 22, 2009, the date would be entered 20090122.) A macro is available to ensure proper formatting of the date.

The 930 field should be added at the point of cataloging a new title:

  • published this year or the year before
  • for a serial new to all Libraries
  • for which a request has been made to add it to the list

Do NOT add a 930 when processing:

  • transfers
  • added copies (including Law Library copies added to shared bib records)
  • added volumes
  • already owned material for which there is no longer a catalog record
  • batch records for large sets (e.g., microforms)

A macro (New Additions List.mex) is available to insert the proper date format into the bib record. This macro must be used when adding the 930 subfield "a"! Individual catalogers may import the macro into their own copy of Macro Express. Once imported, the macro can be run the macro by typing <Ctril+i>. The record must then be "saved to server" <Ctrl+L> in order for the record -- and the list -- to be updated.

Content last updated: nb, 1/10