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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Moving Items from One Record to Another in Aleph

Including multiple items and/or orders connected to same record

  1. Unlink items you want to move from associated holdings.
  2. If you move items "connected" to an order, you must move the order with those items.
  3. Push relevent bib. records to cataloging
  4. Display bib. records in split screen mode ("split screen icon"). Split Screen Icon

    View of split screen

  5. Select "Overview Tree" display (icon next to "split screen") Tree View Icon

    Tree view

  6. Select the unlinked item (under the BUF50 / ITEMS listing) that you wish to move.
  7. Drag the item over (under the BUF50 / ITEMS listing) to the record you want to link them to.
  8. If there are multiple items, or a combination of items & orders, you can click and drag from the BUF50 icon and it will drag them all over.
  9. Link the items to their relevent holdings (or create a holdings record to link them to).
Content last updated: 11/09