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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Microfiche Monograph Cataloging

  1. Give serial microfiche to Head of Cataloging.
  2. Records will have an 035 with "MICRO BRIEF" in it when a non-exact title has been used to create the Aleph record.
    1. Search again on OCLC to find the exact microfiche title; then the MICRO BRIEF record can be overlaid with the full OCLC microfiche record.
    2. If exact match not found anywhere, create an original microfiche record on OCLC and overlay MICRO BRIEF record (many microfiche records have an equivalent record for a print version that does have a full DLC record with an 050; this information will obviously be very valuable when cataloging/classifying the microfiche, so these should be searched for when it is time to catalog the fiche)
    3. Be sure MICRO BRIEF is gone after record is overlaid
  3. Statistics slip:
    1. Count title only as "1T" (Koren will count microfiche pieces)
    2. Write "Microfiche" first at top of statistics slip, followed by "Bks [copy, shared, or original]
  4. Aleph Holdings record:
  5. 852:0_: |b BUFKO
      |c NS
      |k MicFiche
      |h & |i [Call Number]

    If there is more than one piece of fiche, describe pieces in 866 field
    example: 866:41:microfiche 1-microfiche 4

  6. Print note from Y: drive for Koren:
    1. Notes on Y: drive are:
      • Microfiche to Koren Reclass.doc
      • Microfiche to Koren New.doc
    2. Do not actually write call number on microfiche envelope, since Koren Center generates labels with call number and property statement.
    3. Place the finished microfiche with printout in Koren/AV bin.
  7. If a title is held in print and microfiche, bibliographic record should reflect the print with microfiche handled as another copy; on the Holdings record, physical details on microfiche fixed field values should be added.
Content last updated: 4/10