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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Mail Procedures

New York Times

The Student Services Clerk picks up the New York Times every morning, Monday through Friday, from the loading dock. One copy each are distributed to Zubrow and Cascio. The remaining copies are delivered by the Student Services Clerk to the mailroom, Room 305. Key 1108.

Campus Mail and U.S. Mail

All mail is delivered through campus mail and must be taken to Campus Mail and U.S. Mail boxes found throughout campus. Law Library mail is picked up by the Student Services Clerk from mail crates in Access Services, sorted for campus and U.S. mail, and taken to the appropriate boxes for Campus Mail pick-up. There are boxes located on the third floor of the Law School outside Room 305. This is done at least once a day, preferably multiple times per day.

Paperwork for metered mail is taken care of by the Student Services Clerk.


The Student Services Clerk picks up mail from Room 305 and delivers to the mail table in Access Services. Open and sort as follows:

  • Library materials for check-in are placed on a book truck for Technical Services staff.
  • Supply catalogs, water, coffee and plants invoices to Law Library Administrative Assistant.
  • Prison mail to Joe Gerken.
  • Invoices, renewals to Head of Collections.
  • Publisher catalogs to Head of Collections.
  • Mail addressed to specific staff members and/or library faculty to that person's mail shelf.

The Student Services Clerk delivers Office copies and Faculty publications copies to Faculty Reading Room in 524A (key 1108 or UB Card swipe). The Student Services Clerk retrieves library returns from the Faculty Reading Room.


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