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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Loose-leaf Titles

Loose-leaf Binders

  1. Determine if the item is:
    1. Loose-leaf format (finite, no intent to update)
      • Catalog per cataloging rules and MARC21 standards for Monographs or Continuing Resources, as appropriate
    2. Updating loose-leaf publication
    3. Note about circulation status:

      All updating loose-leaf publication items that meet these criteria will circulate for 7 days:
      1. Are currently received (open order)
      2. Are not located in a special location
      3. Are not local codes or large loose-leaf service sets with transfer binders or bound volumes.

      HOL: Fixed field 008(06) = 4 (currently received)
      Fixed field 008(12) = 5 (retained until replaced by cumulation, replacement volume, or revision)
      ITEM: Item Status = 08

  2. Special handling of subsequent editions
    1. When a new edition is received, check Acquisitions module for an open order record on the previous edition.
      • If there is no open order, give to Head of Collection Management for order work.
      • If there is an open order, move the order record from the previous to the new edition's bibliographic record. Update or delete any call number or year data in the order record as needed.
    2. Once the open order record has been moved, Arrive the new item on this record.
    3. Catalog and end process the new edition as normal. Be sure to include the SER field as needed.
    4. Pull previous edition and place on bindery shelf in Room 216.

Loose-leaf Titles to be Bound

If loose-leaf title is canceled:

HOL: Fixed field 008(06) = 5 (not currently received)
  852 subfield c = GEN
  852 subfield x DNC note should be deleted
ITEM: Item Status = 01
If loose-leaf title is complete, usually signaled by receipt of a new edition of title:
HOL: Fixed field 008(06) = 2 (received and complete or ceased)
  852 subfield c = GEN
  852 subfield x DNC note should be deleted
ITEM: Item Status = 01

If Head of Collection Management* determines that previous edition will be retained, Head of Cataloging will prepare it for bindery according to the following:
  • Insert a sheet at the front of each piece saying whether it was canceled or ceased, along with the last release date.
  • Re-use existing item records in Aleph.
  • Discard binders (do NOT count).
* As of January 2016, all loose-leaf items eligible for bindery will be bound, per Law Library Director, until further notice.


Content last updated: em, 2/16