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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Aleph Codes for Law Library

Sublibrary Codes Collections for BUFLA Item Status for BUFLA Collections for BUFKO Item Status for BUFKO
Material Type Item Process Status Subfield K Searching Subfield K Collections for BUFON

Sublibrary Codes:

BUFLA = Law Library
BUFKO = Law Koren AV Center
BUFON = Online

Collections for BUFLA

GEN General Collection
GENSS General Collection (SUNY Shared Collection title) (applied by CTS)
CRESCourse Reserve
FACFaculty Reading Room
FEDCFederal Core Collection
LARCHSpecial Collections (Archives, Berman, Haas)
LAWR Legal Analysis, Writing and Research Collection
LRES2General Collection (2 Hr/Overnight)
NYANew York Alcove
NYCNew York Core Collection
OCOffice Copy
RBKRare Books
REFDReference Desk
STUDY Study Aids
SUCES Success
UNA United Nations Alcove

Item Status for BUFLA:

01 = Regular
02 = Non-Circulating
04 = 2 Hr/In-Library
05 = 2 Hr/Overnight
06 = 24 Hr
07 = 3 Day
08 = 7 Day
09 = 14 Day

Collections for BUFKO:

KO33 Day (Videos)
KO77 Day (Audio, CD-ROMs, Diskettes)
LC Leisure Collection
RES Reserve (applied by Koren)

Item Status for BUFKO:

02 = Non-Circulating (Koren Reference)
07 = 3 Day (Videos)
08 = 7 Day (Audio, CD-ROMs, Diskettes)

Material Type:

ATAPEAudiotape (all formats)
BOOKBook, ThDiss, Graphic novel (one piece only)
CDAudio compact disc
CDROMData compact disc
COMP Flash drive, disk, software
DB Database
DVDDVD (audio, text, ROM, BluRay) (use for all DVDs)
EBOOK E-book, Electronic ThDiss
EJElectronic journal
EREAD E-book reader
FILM Film (reel, slides, negatives)
FLASH Flashcard set
ISSBKMulti-volume monograph
ISSUESerial/Periodical, newspaper
MICROMicroform (all formats)
MIXED Mixed media, kit
NOMATNo material type
PHOTO Photograph
POST Poster
REALIA Realia, calendar, painting
RECVinyl record (78, 45, 33 rpm)
STRA Streaming audio
STRV Streaming video
VTAPE Video tape (all formats)

Item Process Status:

BAIn process (Backlog)
BDAt bindery
BPBindery prep
CRPatron claims returned
CSPatron claims stolen
IC In route to Coll Development
IPIn process
IR In route to Preservation
NANot arrived
NPNot published
NRNot returned by patron
OIOrder initiated
OROn order
PRIn Preservation
RLRecall/hold lapsed
TM Temporarily Missing
TPIn process (TechPro/CTS use only)
TRIn transit

Subfield K

  • Archives (Law only)
  • Audiotape
  • Audiocassette
  • Berman
  • CD-ROM
  • Compact Disc
  • ComputerFile
  • ComputerTape
  • Diskette
  • DVD
  • Filmstrip
  • Folio
  • Graphic
  • Haas
  • J.D.
  • Kit
  • LL.M.
  • MicCard
  • MicFiche
  • MicFilm
  • MicPrint
  • Mini Disc
  • Miniature
  • Motion Picture
  • MultiMedia
  • O'Brian
  • Oversize
  • Photograph
  • Practice
  • Realia
  • Record
  • Slide
  • Slide/Tape
  • Technical Drawing
  • Telephone Book
  • Videocassette Beta
  • Videocassette VHS
  • Videocassette U-matic
  • Videodisc
  • Videotape

Searching Subfield K

It can be helpful to search Subfield K values to narrow searches in the BISON catalog to specific named collections within Law Special Collections or specific named types of materials within the Koren AV Center.

In the staff gui: Subfield K can be searched as an index in Base 60.

In the public catalog: Subfield K values can be searched within "Advanced Search." Subfield K value should be entered in "All fields" and the appropriate Sublibrary or Collection should be selected under "Location."

Example: to search for Microform materials in Koren AV, type "MicFiche" in All Fields box and select "Law Koren AV Center" from Location menu.

Alternately -- and when you wish to search within a collection rather than sublibrary -- use Expert Search with command language "wsl=[sublibrary_code]" for sublibrary or "wcl=[collection_code]" for collection and "wrd=[subfield_k_value]"

Example: to search for Microform materials in Koren AV, search: wsl=BUFKO and wrd=micfiche
Example: to search for Berman collection within Law Special Collections, search: wcl=LARCH and wrd=Berman

Or you may simply use "Expert Search" with common command language search within textual elements of all call numbers, wck. "wck=[subfield_k_value]"

A list of sublibrary and collection codes is available in the University Libraries help document Expert Search Codes & Examples

Collections for BUFON:

AUDIO Streaming audio
EBK Electronic book
EJNL Electronic journal
INT Internet resource
ONL Online database
VIDEO Streaming video

For detailed information on the use of BUFON codes, consult cataloging procedures for Internet Resources.

Content last updated: 3/21/2017