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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Local Codes and Charters

  1. Cataloging
    1. For local codes add the following subject heading:
      650: 0: Ordinances, Municipal |z New York (State) |z [place name]
    2. For local charters add the following subject heading:
      651:1 : [place name] |v Charters.
    3. Local codes and charters are always DNC.
    4. Withdraw earlier editions of codes and charters (exception: Buffalo).
    5. If you have a combination of a charter and a code, the set up will depend on which is named first. See Cataloging Legal Literature for information on charters and codes. For examples of charter/code combinations see:
      Chautauqua County charter and Administrative code, and Code of the city of Buffalo in Aleph catalog.
    6. As of September 1999 the Law Library will only collect local codes from the following counties: Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Niagara, Orleans, and Wyoming.
  2. Classifying
    1. Use the KFX schedule.
      (County codes and charters are classed with a state number, i.e. KFN6199)
    2. Find either the exact jurisdiction listed or find the place your jurisdiction falls alphabetically in the ranges provided.
    3. If you have codes for a city, town, and village of the same name, cutter them so that the city is first, followed by the town, followed by the village.
Content last updated: 9/14