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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Leisure Collection

The Leisure Collection consists of video DVDs which are only permitted to circulate to law students or faculty. For this reason, the DVD cases are displayed on the 7th floor. Once a law student or faculty member chooses a title to borrow, s/he must take the case down to the Koren AV Center service desk. Koren staff will locate the matching disc, place it in the display case, and charge it out for its 3-day loan period.

All records in Aleph are suppressed from public display (bibliographic & holdings records only; item must not be suppressed to enable circulation). Bibliographic records are created as brief records, lacking subject headings, call numbers, and OCLC numbers.


  • Brief bibliographic record is created and set to "SUPPRESSED" status.
  • Items should not be added to an existing fully cataloged bibliographic record, even if it is the same title.
  • Accession number is assigned at time of ordering and is sequential (1,2,3, etc.)
  • "Law Leisure Collection Accession No. [number]" will be added to general notes field of order record.
  • Item record:
    • Sublibrary = BUFKO
    • Collection = LC
    • Material Type = DVD
    • Call No. Type/Call No. box 2 = [accession number]
    • Item Status = 07
    • Item Process Status = blank

Cataloging (Processing):

  • Titles will not receive cataloging; record will remain brief and suppressed.
  • Titles will not have OCLC numbers and will not have holdings reflected in OCLC.
  • HOL record:
    • Add STA SUPPRESSED field
    • 852 1st indicator = 8
    • 852 subfield c (Collection) = LC
    • 852 subfield k = DVD
    • 852 subfield h = [accession number]
  • End-processing:
    • Two cases need to be processed: (1) display case without disc to be shelved on 7th floor and (2) storage jewelcase with disc to be kept behind Koren service desk.
    • Barcode will be inside display case.
    • Date due slip will be inside display case.
    • Label format on both cases:
      [accession number]
    • Storage jewelcase: Label will go on front, in top left corner.
    • Display case: Label will go on front of case, in left lower corner.
      Label placement for Leisure Collection
    • Note: If there are multiple discs in the same format, label will include accession number plus extension letter (e.g., 1a, 1b, 1c, etc.) and multiple storage jewelcases will be rubber-banded together. The display case label will cover the range of discs and extension letters (e.g., 1a-c; 3a-b, etc.)
      Display case label example:


      Storage jewelcase label examples:


    • Multiple formats: If there are multiple discs in different formats (ex: DVD + Blu-ray), a separate display case will be created for each format, with multiple storage jewelcases processed as appropriate. The title will be assigned a single accession number and each format/disc will be assigned an extension letter (as for multiple discs). The format will be identified (in parenthesis) in the description field of the item record and appended to the call number label (without parenthesis).


      The extension numbers are to identify the multiple discs; the use of multiple display cases and format identification is to help the user, who may wish to borrow only one format. The case of multiple formats per title is the only time that format will be appended to the label.


  • Display and storage jewelcase will be rubber-banded together and sent to Koren.
  • Koren staff will write accession number on disc surface.
  • Koren staff will separate cases and place display case on 7th floor. Initial arrangement of display cases on the 7th floor will be alphabetical. Koren students will check and re-order as necessary as time permits.

Content last updated: 1/15