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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Item Instructions for the Law Library

Tab 2. General Information (1)

Material Type must be the same in each item for item sequencing to work. Be sure to choose the correct material type for the piece you have in hand, and that each item has the same type.

Fill in the Description field and other fields as you normally would.

Reminder: when inputting pagination in the Description, use the abbreviation pp. (not pg./pgs.).

Supply appropriate designator and its corresponding value in Item Description field. Use Abbreviations List for correct abbreviation of terms. See Punctuation for Holdings statements for appropriate use of punctuation.

Some examples:

volume = v.
See Global War Crimes Tribunal collection #1819328

year = [yr.]
        See Illinois Attorney General’s Report #886215

title = tit.
        See Purdon’s Pennsylvania statutes, annotated #17296
        tit.24 sect.5101-end 2006

year and volume = [yr.], v.
See California Rules of Court #16607
2012 v.1
2012 v.2

Base volume and supplement = [Base vol.],suppl.
See How arbitration works #2290962

more than one volume and supplement = v.,suppl.
West’s annotated California codes (California) #16523
v.31E suppl. 1996
v.33C suppl. 2000

volume, title, index, tables = v.,index, tables, supplement
United States code annotated #15964
index 2013 S-Z
tables 2013 v.1
tit.42 sect. 1395j-1395dd suppl.2004

replacement volume = v.,tit.,[yr.]
United States code annotated #15964
Tit.6 2007

volume and year that run concurrently/parallel
(v.1 1985, v.2 1986, v.3 1987, v.4 1988, etc.) = v. (only)

Wyoming Law Review #2074623
v.6 (2006) v.12:no.1 (2012)

Tab 3. General Information (2)

Law does not use the OPAC note.

Tab 4. Serial Information

If all three dates are filled in with a date, that is ok.
If all three dates are zeroed out, that is ok.
If only the arrival date has a date of today or earlier, that is ok.
Any other combinations will most likely cause the OPAC to display the due date as an expected date and not as "on shelf." You will have to edit these dates to one of the above examples. Our goal is to have the OPAC due date display "on shelf" NOT "expected."
*Check the due date in the OPAC Classic display to make sure it states "On shelf." In VuFind it should state "Available."

Tab 5. Serial Levels

Individual items (serial volumes, reels, etc.) in the OPAC are identified by what is in the Description field of General Information tab 2. But the items sort based on the information entered in the Enum and Chron fields on Serial Levels tab 5 of the item display. Information on tab 5 does not display, but it controls the filing and display sequence of items in the OPAC.

The system will sort on the Chron field first and then move to the Enum fields. If the Chron is blank then it will sort on Enum fields. There will be exceptions to how information is input on tab 5, for example sometimes there will not be a year to fill into the Chron field. Or maybe you will only have a run designated by years and therefore no Enum fields will be filled in.

Enum. Level.1(A)(Vol.) → enter the enumeration information

Chron.Level.(I)Year → enter the year of the item

Enum. Level.1(B) → enter the enumeration information


Enum. Level.1(C) → enter the enumeration information


The enumeration information is input as a hierarchy, big to little.  For example, if you have an item that is Volume 10, no. 4, part 2  1990 it would be entered as:

Enum. Level.1(A)(Vol.) →10

Chron.Level.(I)Year → 1990

Enum. Level.1(B) → 4


Enum. Level.1(C) → 2


Example:  Number 15, pp.1-16 1962

Enum. Level.1(A)(Vol.) → 15

Chron.Level.(I)Year → 1962

Enum. Level.1(B) → 1


If there is a range of pages, dates, numbers, or volumes input only the first number of the range.  See pages example above and the following example:
Volume 1-2, 1971-1972

Enum. Level.1(A)(Vol.) → 1

Chron.Level.(I)Year → 1971

Example: 18th pt.2 (1970:Apr.-June)

Enum. Level.1(A)(Vol.) → 18

Chron.Level.(I)Year → 1970

Enum. Level.1(B) → 2


Enum. Level.1(C) → 4


  • When inputting information into tab 5 do not precede info with v., pp., pt., etc. just enter the number(s) (or other designation)
  • Enter numbers without preceding zeroes. April would be entered as 4 not 04
  • Do not enter the 'st', 'th', 'nd' or 'rd' after numbers, enter 2 not 2nd; enter 15 not 15th
  • Do not use square brackets [ ] around anything on tab 5, the system cannot perform a sort if these characters are in a field
  • Indexes/supplements -- put index and supplement information in the description field. When inputting information on tab 5 it will be a case by case basis, please ask for assistance with indexes/supplements. There is a method that will sort correctly; it's just easier to explain in context.
  • There is a way to force sort items, this can be shown in unique situations when traditional sort is not working. Please ask for assistance if faced with a difficult scenario.

Item Sequencing: Law Examples

  • Base vol. & supplements
    How arbitration works: #2290962
  • Court rules/vol. subordinate to year
    California rules of court: #16607
  • Multiple series/retro cleanup not complete 2/6/13
    Public utilities reports: #1044502
  • Multi-vol. monograph
    Rasch's landlord and tenant: #1931168
  • Numeric/alphabetic combination
    Global War Crimes Tribunal collection: #1819328
  • Replacement vols./year subordinate to vol.
    Illinois digest: #885562
  • Replacement vols./forced order with constitution, tables, etc.
    Purdon's Pennsylvania statutes, annotated: #3289989
  • Reporter: do NOT record Chron.; multiple series
    Pennsylvania district & county reports: #1044873
  • Semiannual/added parenthetical data in Tab 2/Description
    Judicial yellow book: #1660346
  • Vol. parallel to year/added parenthetical data in Tab 2/Description
    Oregon reports, Court of Appeals: #1045126
  • Vol. parallel to year/bound vols./added parenthetical data in Tab 2
    Wyoming law review: #2074623
  • Vol. subordinate to year
    The law of modern commercial practice: #3343663
  • Year alone
    Illinois Attorney General's report: #886215
  • Year/Mon. subordinate to number, so only record no. in Enum
    Permanent missions to the United Nations: #16802

Tips for cleaning up existing items:

  • Copy data from Tab 2/Enum.Level.1 (A)(Vol.) to Description field if appropriate.
  • Delete data from Tab 3/OPAC Note field. Law does not use this field.
  • Fill in Tab 5/ Enum.Level.1 (A)(Vol.) correctly.
  • Carefully check and correct any data already in Tab 5/Chron.Level.1 (I)(Year) field as appropriate. Retrospective data here is often incorrect.
  • Delete data in Tab 5/Alt.Enum.1 (G). Law does not use this field.
  • Items will reorder as desired in GUI/staff mode, but the best way to check for sequence order is to look at the items as they display in the OPAC.

If there are any questions please ask Ellen or Melissa.

Content last updated: em/mb, 11/13