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End Processing Guide

Property stamps*: Each item gets property stamped, which will be demonstrated during training. Exception for binders: Do not property stamp top of binder. Instead, place a sticker inside front and back covers of binder with property stamp on stickers.

Tattle-tape**: Only Rush Items with pink flags will be tattle-taped, with the exception of binders and Office Copies, which should not be tattle-taped.

DNC = Does Not Circulate

These locations should receive DNC stamps in back of book***:

  • Archives
  • Berman
  • Fed.Core
  • Haas
  • Koren Ref.
  • Loose-leaf
  • N.Y.Alcove
  • N.Y.Core
  • O'Brian
  • Office copies (see below)
  • Ref.
  • Ref.Desk
  • Superseded
  • UN Alcove
  • Any item with Item Status=02

7 Day Loan stamp:

  • Study Aids
  • Any item with Item Status=08

All other books (including Reserve) should have a date due slip placed in back of book***.

Some label setups must be edited before printing as follows:

  • Office copies: Type professor's name (e.g. Connolly), department (e.g. Acq., Cat., ILL), or clinic name (e.g. Housing Clinic) at bottom of call number on label. There will not be a location above call number, just "Law."
  • Superseded: Type "Superseded" at bottom of call number on label. There will not be a location above call number, just "Law."
  • Base vol.: When "Base vol." appears at bottom of call number, delete it.
  • Archives, Berman, Haas, O'Brian: Call number label will appear with "Law Archives" at top. Delete "Archives" after "Law," so location as listed stands alone. In some cases, "Archives" will appear twice. Delete one, so there is only one line with "Archives" on it after "Law."

Volumes in self-closing wrappers:

  • Be very careful when handling these books, as they are considered brittle by Preservation Center.
  • Label book itself, as well as wrapper.
  • Make sure book is standing upright. Add call number label to base of spine on wrapper.

After end-processing is complete, all trucks go to Technical Services Associate for review. Technical Services Associate will place appropriate neon green flag in each Office Copy item, except for Buffalo Law Review Office Copies, which will have a neon green band slipped over front cover of each item.




* Property stamps should be placed on top and bottom of page block. If the block is too small, property stamp may be placed inside front and back cover.

** Single-sided tattle-tape may be placed within spine of many hardbound books. Doublesided tattle-tape should be placed tightly and discreetly within pages of paperbound or hardbounds with tight spines. After tattle-taping, mark a small X in pencil at top of page block.

*** Whenever possible, DNC stamps and date due slips should be placed on last page of page block, facing back cover, rather on the back cover itself to minimize damage to spine and cover.

Content last updated: em, 1/14