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Stand-alone CD-ROMs are cataloged according to cataloging rules and MARC21 standards on appropriate format. CD-ROMs that accompany print material are cataloged on format determined to be primary.

  1. If CD-ROM arrives in a holder inside a book or is otherwise not in a jewel case, place it in one. If there is a cardboard holder which has text about the CD, label that too and keep it with the jewel case in which you have placed the CD.
  2. Affix a call number label to the upper left corner of the jewel case for CD-ROMs. Write call number in pencil on the label so that jewel cases for discarded CDs can be easily re-used for other titles. Format call number as in this example:
    Barcode should be placed next to the call number label.
  3. placement of label and barcode on jewel case

  4. For CD-ROMs that accompany books:
    • In item record for book, description should be "Base vol." for single volumes.
    • item record for base volume

    • In item record for CD-ROM, description should be "CD-ROM." Make Koren the temporary location code and update item status and collection code based on format.
    • item record for accompanying CD-ROM

    • Use a single holding record, adding separate 866s for Base vol. and CD-ROM.
    • holding record for monograph with accompanying CD-ROM

    • In the book, place a label on the CD holder or above the barcode:
  5. Statistics slip: 1T, [no.]V, [no.]CD-ROM
  6. Place finished CD-ROM in Koren/AV bin near mail table.
  7. Past editions of CD-ROMs will be retained for research purposes, just as is the case with print editions. The final CD-ROM supplement of the previous edition before the new edition begins should be retained when a new edition begins.
Content last updated: nb,3/10