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Brief Records

About Brief Records

  1. OCLC
    1. Search on OCLC by title (get from title page).
    2. If nothing is found on OCLC fill out a Book Searching form, putting a check next to Original (Aleph brief), code title on Aleph for Original backlog and file into that backlog. Code for backlog and file using instructions in Coding Material on Aleph for the Backlog procedure.
    3. If record is found on OCLC (that has at least one 6XX field), fill out Book Searching form, referring to Coding Material on Aleph for Backlog procedure to determine which backlog will be used.
  2. Aleph Overlay:
    1. Bibliographic record
      1. Delete all existing 035s.
      2. Add new 035 with OCLC number.
      3. Use format: 035__(OCoLC)[number]
        (do not use brackets around number)
      4. NOTE: OCLC number must have at least 8 digits in Aleph; add 0s (zeroes) at beginning of number if necessary to make 8 digits.
    2. Search Aleph by OCLC number to check that formatting of 035 was correct.
    Example of search by OCLC number

  3. Return to OCLC.
    1. Export record
  4. Return to Aleph.
    1. Determine record that has just been passed has overlayed old record. Code for backlog using instructions Coding Material on Aleph for the Backlog.
    2. File piece(s) into appropriate backlog.

Creating Brief Records

  1. Search on OCLC. If found, pass record into Aleph.
  2. If not in OCLC, return to Aleph. If it is possible to derive earlier edition record, etc. to create record, do so.
  3. Delete following fields:
  4. 010   092
    022 099
    035   300 (can update if preferred, but not necessary)
    040   5XXs
    050   6XXs
    082   850
    090   852
  5. Update following fields to reflect new piece in hand:
  6. Date 1 (008)
    020 (delete any extra 020s)
    250 (if present)
    For Acquisitions:
  • If nothing at all in Aleph, create "Aleph brief record" from template. Delete any 035.
  • Write "Aleph brief" on flag and insert in piece. Write the Aleph number inside piece.
Content last updated: 4/10