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General Rules for Bound-Withs

Section I and II of this procedure refer to different titles that are bound together. For multiple volumes of the same work bound together, see Section III.

  1. Retrospective Material
    1. The call number in the holdings record for each title will include the individual volume (and issue numbers, if present).
      Example: K5001.A15 C66 no.1
    2. Serials and sets which are part of a series classified under a common call number and which are also bound-withs will be treated in the same way as single volume works which are classified under a common series call number.
      Example: KK190.A15 Bd.8
    3. Create a linked item record for only the first title of the bound-with. In the item record, the Call No. field reflects the first volume only. The Description field reflects the complete range of volume and issue numbers bound together.
      Click to view larger
      img of item record for first title

    4. No 5XX is used in the bibliographic record.
  2. Current Material
    1. Avoid the creation of additional bound-widths by binding each title separately except in those cases when the bound-with was created by the publisher other than the reprint publisher.
    2. No 5XX note is used in the bibliographic record.
  3. Multiple volumes of same work bound together
    1. Use only one (1) item record; the Description field covers all volumes.
    2. On flag, do not add volume numbering.

Connecting Bound-Withs in Aleph

  • Find the ADM number (from BUF50) of the record with the item attached
  • Find the SYS numbers (from BUF01) of all the records bound with it
  • Add this field to each record without the item:
    LKR __ a ITM
           b [ADM number of record with item]
           l BUF50
  • Add one of these fields to the record with the item for each record bound with it:
    LKR __ a DN
           b [SYS number of record without item]
           l BUF01
  • Delete the 852 subfield z from the HOL record of each of the bound-with titles -- this is the field that says:
         um=for circulation status enter k=AAA1111
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img showing location of SYS and ADM numbers in Aleph


The title with the item is ADM 1000
The titles that are bound with it are SYS 5150, SYS 5151, and SYS 5152

In each BIB record without the item, you would put:

        LKR __ a ITM
               b 1000
               l BUF50
In the BIB record with the item, you would put:
        LKR __ a DN
               b 5150
               l BUF01
        LKR __ a DN
               b 5151
               l BUF01			   
        LKR __ a DN
               b 5152
               l BUF01			   
Examples of bound-withs records in Aleph can be found with the following call numbers:
  • KF209.C66 ser.1 no.__
  • KK190.A15 F67 Bd.__
  • K5001.A15 C66 no.__
  • GER 48.98 C75 v.__
Content last updated: 9/09