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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Baldy Center Materials

  1. If order is added to a shared bibliographic record for another non-Baldy copy, create only an order record.
  2. Do not create an item.
  3. If title is unique, suppress bibliographic record. Create only an order record. Do not create an item.
  4. Arrive per standard Arriving procedures.
  5. Do not route to Cataloging.
  6. Stamp with regular Law Library property stamp on top and bottom of page block and on title page.
  7. Type a call number-type label that says only "Baldy Center" and place in lower left corner on outside of piece.
  8. Give to Head of Collection Management for placement in Baldy Center collection in Room 511 O'Brian Hall.
  9. Head of Collection Management will maintain a spreadsheet of titles in Baldy Center collection. It will be shared with the Baldy Center.


Content last updated: 2/15