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The Backlog is the area in the Cataloging Department where items waiting to be cataloged are kept. These titles all show as "In process" in the WebPAC. If an item has been filed into one of the backlogs, the Aleph holdings and/or item record is coded to indicate which backlog the item is in. There are several backlogs broken into the following groups:

      1. Shared backlog contains book titles that do not have LC copy in Aleph or OCLC.
      2. Original backlog contains book titles that have no record in OCLC, but has a brief record in Aleph.

Coding Material in Aleph for Backlog

Print materials
Important Notes:
  • When in Aleph be sure there is no call number on the holdings screen, and there are no items beginning with 39072 ... . If there is--STOP!It means title is already cataloged.
  • If any item has a pink or goldenrod flag, it should be rush cataloged. Do not file these items into a backlog.
  1. Click on the binocular icon to start the search
  2. img of binocular icon

  3. Use BROWSE search to find title
    • Base = BUF01
    • Headings list = Titles
    • Enter starting text = [title]
    • Omit initial articles in title (A, An, The)
    • BROWSE search will bring up a list of titles alphabetically. Usually the title you are searching for will be near the top of the list.
    1. Clicking on the title you want will highlight it.
    2. Click the SHOW button on the right of your screen.
    3. img of Show button

    4. In the bottom pane, verify that it is the correct record by looking at the Title, Imprint (Place/publisher/date), Description, and Note fields.
    5. img of Cataloging button

    6. Click the CATALOG button on the right of the screen or CATALOGING button on the lower right of the screen.
    7. img of categories in record

    8. Determine what category title belongs to -- Copy, Shared, or Original.
      1. For title to be Copy, all of the following must apply
        • 050 field exists with a call number AND
        • DLC is somewhere in the 040 field
          PCC is in 042 field AND
        • There is at least one 6XX field
      2. For title to be Shared
        • Absence of Copy criteria but
        • There is at least one 6XX field
      3. For title to be Original
        • There are no 6XX fields
    9. Expand BUF50 by clicking on + symbol next to HOL in bottom left window. The barcode number appears below it.
    10. img of expanded screens

      1. Double click on Barcode
        • A new screen appears, with a list of item records. If there is only 1 item record, it is highlighted.

      img of item record screen

    11. Click the 2nd tab, General Information (1)
      1. Change Item Process Status to BA (For Backlog)

      img of item status screen

    12. Click the 3rd tab, General Information (2) -- No. 1
    13. img of internal note

      1. Internal Note -- No. 2
      2. Add LL[BACKLOG] [YEAR] [MONTH]
        LLSHARED 2008 Oct.
        LLORIGINAL 2008 Oct.

      Abbreviations for Months:

      Jan. Apr. July Oct.
      Feb. May Aug. Nov.
      Mar. June Sept. Dec.

      Click UPDATE button to save changes -- No. 3

    14. Fill out Book Searching form
      • Aleph No. = BIB no. at top of screen. -- No. 4
      • Record your initials
      • Use Date stamp
      • Put a check next to appropriate backlog
      • Put form inside item
    15. File book into the appropriate backlog by title, in alphabetical order, ignoring initial articles at the beginning of the title, such as a, an, the.

    Searching Books Backlogs For Better Copy

    1. When searching the Shared Backlog:
    2. Search OCLC

      1. Browse WorldCat by title using Title Phrase search (find title on title page of book)
      2. oclc search screen

      3. Click OK.
        • An alphabetical list of titles will come up. Usually the one closest to your search is highlighted.
        • In this case it shows there are two (2) records associated with this title. (You don't have to pick the highlighted title. Choose the one that matches the title in hand.)
      4. Double click on the correct title
      5. img of oclc title display

      6. The 2 records are listed. Note that the 1st record is an ELECTRONIC record, so that is NOT a match. The 2nd record matches in Title, Author, Publisher, Date, and physical description (pagination). It is also a PCC record, which is an acceptable record for Copy.
      7. Double click the PCC record.
      8. view of full oclc record

      9. Print records that have ALL of the following codes and fields. Place printout inside the book and set aside for cataloging:
        1. 050 call number
        2. 040:: DLC or 042::PCC
        3. at least 1 6xx field
      10. If no record with this coding is found, date stamp the flag that's inside the book, and return it to the Shared backlog, keeping books in alphabetical order by title.

    3. When searching the Original Backlog:
    4. Search OCLC

      1. Browse WorldCat by title using Title Phrase search (find title on title page of book)
      2. Print records that have at least one 6XX field. Place printout inside book and set aside for cataloging.
      3. If more than one record is found, choose records in the following order: Copy, Shared, Original.
      4. If no records are found, date stamp the flag that's inside the book, and return it to the Original backlog, keeping books in alphabetical order by title.
    Content last updated: 2/15