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Authority Work

All bibliographic headings should ideally be supported by an authority record in Aleph.

Search OCLC for an authority record if one is not in Aleph. For Name (personal and corporate) headings and uniform titles

  1. If found, Export.
  2. For name (personal and corporate) headings and uniform titles ONLY:
    If not found, identify heading as a NACO candidate by highlighting heading on printout. Add to internal note of item record: Cataloging: NACO Shelf. Place piece with printout in it on NACO shelf. Note: This applies only to non-series headings, as we do not NACO for series.
screen shot of NACO note
Do not manually edit or create authority records in Aleph. This interferes in the overlay with an updated version of the authority record by our authority control vendor.

This means that we can no longer depend on the series authority record to reflect Law's series treatment decisions. In order to determine whether a series is classed together, it is necessary to do a search on the series title in Aleph and look at a few of the bibliographic records to see if they are classed together or not.


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