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Arriving Monographs

The following procedures are used for the receipt (Aleph term: "arrival") of monographs and media (i.e. physical pieces of video and audio) that are ordered by title. Different procedures are used for package plans and serials.

After the mail has been opened, the Acquisitions Clerk performs an initial review and sorts the monographic materials into the categories: "To Be Arrived" and "Already Arrived" in the Technical Services area.

"Already Arrived" materials are those monograph items purchased via package plan or other arrangement that do not require order records in Aleph, and thus do not require detailed "Arrival" processing in Aleph. The "Already Arrived" materials are ready to be cataloged.

"To Be Arrived" materials are those items ordered by title, and may include special request Rushes, such as Delivery+, Office Copies, and Hold & Notify. Part of the Arrival process is to identify these Rushes to ensure speedy cataloging and end processing. These materials may include vendor invoices that will need to be returned to the Acquisitions Clerk.

To Arrive materials

  1. In Aleph Acquisitions mode, browse by title or otherwise search to locate the material; when located, open "Orders."
    screen shot of Acquisitions mode
  2. Within the Order screen for a title, more than one order may be displayed. Review the orders listed to confirm the vendor (more details may be displayed under tab 3. Vendor) for the copy in hand, and then review the individual order. The "Library Note" field should include the details about the particular order: for example, if it has been purchased for a faculty member, Clinic, or other special request. The Library Note field will indicate if any special processing needs to occur and what type of flag (if any) should be placed in the piece.
    screen shot of Order List
    Screen shot of Order List: note multiple copies attached to a single order with Status and Library Note field for each; also note [A] Arrival indicator for each copy in left pane.
  3. Orders that have already been completed have status "CLS" (Closed). Orders still in progress have status "SV" (Sent to Vendor). In the above order, with multiple copies, we know that a newly received item should still have status "SV." This status will not change until the invoices are closed. We can also tell whether or not a particular copy has been received by looking at the "[A] Arrival" indicator in the left pane (sub-menu of [O] Order). The Arrival indicator displays the number of copies received / number of copies ordered, for example (as shown above):
    [A] Arrival (0/1) = 0 copies already received of / 1 copy ordered.
    When a piece is Arrived, the indicator will change.
  4. After matching the piece in hand to the appropriate Order, you are ready to Arrive the piece:
    1. In the top pane, highlight the copy to be Arrived and click "Arrival" in the left pane.
      screen shot of Arrival link for Order List
      This will open the Arrival window for this copy.
    2. In the Arrival window, click "Add." A pop-up window will display any important notes in the Library Note field. Click "Ok" to continue.
      screen shot of Adding in Arrival window
    3. This will open the Order Form window, in which you confirm the number of copies received, the date of receipt, and whether or not the order has been completed (i.e. received in full.) "Order Completely Arrived" refers to the single order – so in this example, if we receive one copy of the one copy ordered, the Order has been completely arrived, although there are other outstanding orders attached to the same title. When the Arrival Form information is complete and correct, click "Add."
      screen shot of Order Form window
    4. The piece has now been Arrived in Aleph.
      In the left pane, the [A] Arrival indicator has been updated to (1/1)
      In the top pane, the number of units arrived and arrival date are displayed.
      In the bottom pane, the arrival form data is displayed.
      screen shot of Arrival Form
    5. A final step is to update the "Arrival Date" within the Item record, so that the date will be accessible in Cataloging as well as Acquisitions display. To do so, still within Acquisitions mode, go to [S] Items/Subscriptions under the Order menu, then click on Tab 4. Serial Information. Click on the arrow in "Arrival Date" box and double click on current date, which will be highlighted. Click Update.
      screen shot of Item/Subscriptions tabs
  5. Before routing to Cataloging, any appropriate flags should be placed in the piece.
    Processing flags include:
    • POD (large white flag): write POD # from Library Note field
    • Hold + Notify (large white flag): write contact name from Library Note field (optional)
    • Office Copy (pink flag): write Office Copy / Name
    • Delivery+ (pink flag): write Name
    • Other Rush status (pink flag): write Collection
  6. Any invoices that were received in the piece should be placed in the Invoice basket for the Acquisitions Clerk.

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Content last updated: 2/15