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Quick Reference List: 246 Field

Added title page title246    15
Alternate form of word(s) in title246    3
Alternative title246    30
At head of title246    1    |i At head of title: |a
Caption title246    16
Colophon title246    1    |i Colophon title: |a
Corrected form of title246    3
Cover title246    14
Distinctive title [rare]246    12
Initialisms (245)246    30
Multivolume variant title246    1    |i Vol. 2 has title: |a
Other title246    13
Other title information (245 |b)246    30
Parallel title246    31
Part title access (245 |p)246    30
Portion of title proper246    30
Running title246    17
Spelled out forms246    3
Spine title246    18
Subtitle access (245 |b)246    30
Variant access (was 212)246    2

Do not enter initial articles in |a. Do not enter punctuation at the end of the field unless it ends with an abbreviation.

Use separate 246 fields for each varying form of title. Enter multiple 246 fields in the following order:

  • 246 fields with 2nd indicator 0
  • 246 fields with 2nd indicator 1
  • Other 246 fields in the note printing order
Content last updated: nb, 2/10