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Charles B. Sears Law Library University at Buffalo School of Law

Technical Services

The Technical Services Department is composed of Acquisitions and Cataloging.

Acquisitions Department

The Acquisitions Department supports and implements the collection development policy and overall mission of the Charles B. Sears Law Library. The Department is responsible for the ordering and processing of all library materials.

Cataloging Department

The mission of the Charles B. Sears Law Library's Cataloging Department is to maximize access to the Library's collections. Bibliographic control of materials in all formats is consistently maintained through the staff's adherence to international, national, and local standards. The department remains flexible to respond to the changing needs of all users and staff.



  • General Purchases

    The Law Library gives serious consideration to all suggestions for purchases of library materials.

    Suggestions for book purchases and journal subscriptions may be discussed with Theo Belniak, Head of Collection Management, by email, phone, or submitted via the general University Libraries Purchase Recommendation form. If you use the University Libraries form, be sure to indicate the Law Library under "Item purchased for."

  • Faculty Requests

    Faculty who wish to request materials for course purposes or office copy should contact Theo Belniak, Head of Collection Management, e-mail:, phone: (716) 645-8504.

  • Audio-Visual Requests

    Requests for videos, sound recordings, and other AV materials should be addressed to Terry McCormack, Audio-Visual Librarian and Head, M. Robert Koren Center for Clinical Legal Education, e-mail:, phone: (716) 645-2831 or (716) 645-2045

  • New Acquisitions

    Listings of New Additions to the BISON Catalog are generated on a weekly basis. Lists may be browsed by category, including Law Library general materials and Koren AV materials or as a full list of all UB Libraries materials.

  • Requesting Materials from Cataloging

    If you have searched the Libraries Catalog and the item needed is noted as "In Process," "On Order," "Incomplete Issues," "At Bindery," or "In Preservation," use Delivery+.


Helpful resource links for Law Library Technical Services include: